It's been awhile since I've posted here. I just want to give some encouragement to new wine makers who think they've made a bad batch of wine after tasting it at 3-6 months. Muscadine really does taste better with age (over a year, but even better at 2). And mead isn't even ready to sample until it's got a year under it's belt (unless you like young mead). I am tasting a 1 year old muscadine-elderberry, and 2 year old mead tonight, and they are pretty good. I was sorely disappointed in them both when I tried them in their youth. Sometimes it just takes time.

Hi all, I'm Cecil, brew beer and planning a blueberry country wine in the next few weeks after my Christmas ale...

Wondered whether capped beer bottles or plastic beer bottles with the screw tops are suitable for wine... Not ready to invest in a corker yet šŸ™‚

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decanted the wine from secondary fermentation / I guess we wait now and let it sit and clear for a while... checked the pH 3.4 ~ 3.5 / which means I don't have to adjust anything I guess.. Perfect naturally.
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4 gallons of wine working to clear .

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Racked my wine into secondary to finish fermentation, Awesome color so far ;). Fermented in primary for 20 days.
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Be careful getting wine making advice from the Internet, I have seen videos on the subject that are down right dangerous to your health.

I have written a book on the subject that is available on Amazon. Here are the links: - Hardcopy link - Downlodable and Kindle link

The book also has my email address in it to help you if you get stuck while making your first batch.
I would love you guys to tutor me on how wine is made

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today is October 8th - I've did my ever first harvest of Steuben grape, planted 4 years ago, also made clones this year, which took off in the soil nicely, so hoping for more even next year :- )

I've watched some youtube videos on making basic wine, and got the yeast and some camden tablets too...

any tips ?

Question how much wine do you think this would make, 1 bottle 3 ?

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I just joined this community because I'm super excited about getting into making wine.

Right now, I'm in Georgia (the country), which invented wine making and today must be the world capital of home wine making. Everybody does it here.

Anyway, I got a peek inside one Georgian guy's garage wine making operation ā€” all natural, no sulfites or introduced yeast.

Thought you'd enjoy these pics.
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Started two 5-gallon batches of wine today one red raspberry one strawberry. anyone have a good recipe for aronia berry wine?

Hi, we made a really nice pumpkin spice wine last year. Growing our own pumpkins this year and was interested in knowing if anyone has tried any kind of pumpkin combinations?
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