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I am undertaker, state your character for this role play.
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Kuroshitsuji RP anyone?
I am your butler Alexander Poetonic, a Demon
You are the head of the (last/n) estate
Your name is (first/n)(last/n)
setting/starter: I am signing a contract with you
(hangouts is fine)
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name: Alexander Poetonic
 gender: Male
 age: Unknown
 likes: black tea
 dislikes: anything sweet or sugary
 personality: playful but also calm and collected
 bio:  A Demon butler

//92 MEMBERS?! Jesus I love you. Guys I'm gonna be changing my profile to something else but a bb character though anyway seeya

//haven't been really active even though I'm the creator of the group XD been 2 whole years lol

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Lately Sebastian has noticed that Ciel has been acting rather..strange. Whenever the demon would try to bathe the young master or help him change his clothes Ciel would always refuse or insist that he do those acts by himself, even though he was failing miserably. One afternoon Sebastian walked into Ciel's room to bring him his afternoon tea. Once he stepped in he noticed the young boy struggling to dress himself. The demon couldn't help but chuckle at how cute his young master looked My lord perhaps I can help you.. You seem to be struggling rather intensely.. Ciel then glared up his butler and said..

((Yes this is a Sebaciel rp and a stubborn and hotheaded uke Ciel is needed))

((No text talk and no one liners please. I prefer third person but you may use first if you want))

((I will only do 3 reposts))
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سيل فانتومهيف-ساما
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OKI EVERYONE!! Just to let you guys know IM NOT DEAD and that I'm going to allow menny rp accs for Hanoi anyway I'm gonna change my name again it's probably gonna be to Sebastias little brother //my oc// and well he's gonna be one he'll of a trouble maker xD

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Name:Yamamoto Takashi
personality: isint as naive as he seems to be he can get anyones trust friendship or even respect he is the typ that when he gets mad he just laughs about it to deal with it he is loyal and is verry protective of his love ones and is great at base ball so great that he is a un stopable demon when base ball comes up

likes:everyone and his farther base ball and his swords his bird and his dog

dislikes:people hurting the ones he loves 

Bio: i am yamamoto takashi rain swordsmen loyal to the 10th generation vongola boss aka tsuna san  i dont like getting mad so i just laugh about it and smile

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likes:Yelling throwing stuff and sword fighting
dislikes: the prince ciel since ciel can annoy him alot verry easily sebastian dino tsuna and yamamoto
personality:loud crazy can be easily annoyed by the smallest things
bio: My name is sqaulo and i am a swordsmen that trained the undertaker and can master any sword style you can thik off i am loud crazy stubborn and easily annoyed and mostly dislikes everyone  and i lost my left arm in battle do to protecting the one he cared about and now has a so called robotic arm 
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