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Euthanasia, Mercy Killing and Suicide out of painful disease need no longer. Sure and ultimate treatment of uninvented, unknown and incurable diseases as well as all known / common diseases. - Treatment (

Fetus malformations are treated after born here!

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Beware Florida and Canadian snowbirds: March 2017 is when more Wolbachia-infected mosquito releases are set to take place. Find out why we need independent risk assessments:

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Here are two links on getting the APP from Google Play and ITunes

Android Chorme mobile Devices

Apple iOS mobile devices

While Congress passed short-term legislation last week that includes federal funding for emergency response to prevent the spread of Zika—the mosquito-borne disease linked to severe birth defects—researchers at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health developed and today launched a crowd-sourcing mobile app to help detect outbreaks.


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#TipstoPreventDengueFever - डेंगू से बचने के तरीके - #DengueSymptoms in Hindi

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Spillover > Zika, Ebola and Beyond FROM PBS

It was broadcast on the PBS network here in the United States. It focus on Zika and what the future may hold. The video is and hour long.

#zikavirus   #pandemic  

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NPR: Florida Officials Probe Zika Case That May Not Be Related To Travel.

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Get All Information, News and Latest Updates About Zika Virus at One Place!

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Zika virus has affected a number of regions in the world and several cases of disease by Zika virus have also been reported. In such a scenario, you may have various queries and questions about this virus and how it affects human beings.

Get the right answers to all your questions instantly in the Zika Virus Info and News app. 

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Boom dia gente, tudo bom?
Tem post novo no blog e é demais!
Vocês sabiam que está proibido vender andador pra bebês em loja? :O
Nem eu estava sabendo, quem for mãe ou vai ser dá uma olhadinha no
blog que tem um post explicando tudinho!
E não deixe de seguir pra ficar ligadinhos em tudo que rola, se puder ajudar compartilhando agradeço (:
Espero que gostem <3
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