~Animal Spirits & Masters~
There are some humans who are able to harness the power of animal spirits. These humans are very lucky indeed. They are often worshipped as deities, so sometimes they get enlarged egos, though this is in no way reflective of the entire population.
Animal masters can only summon the animal spirits that have been bound to them. Animal spirits can only be bound to one master.

~Werewolves & Shapeshifters~
Werewolves are, more often than not, shapeshifters who can change their shape into whatever they wish, though sometimes there are some who are born unable to shift into anything other than a wolf. It's a defect, nothing more.
Also, shapeshifters and werewolves tend to have trouble breeding. They cannot breed with humans nor animals, and therefore they are quite rare. They are also unidentifiable from humans, so unless you actually see someone shapeshifting, it is impossible to tell the difference. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop people from accusing their neighbours of being shapeshifters.
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