Anyone wanna rp

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can i rp as piper?


Godly Parent: Athena but I became a Hunter of Artemis at the age of 12

Age: 12

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown

Hobbies: Reading, writing and listening to music

Hi. Can I be a character?

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guess you people know that

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༄ Q U O T E S ༄
"My birthday just means I have to meet my dad sooner. Oh joy."

༄ N A M E ༄
Sloane Macardy

༄ N I C K N A M E ༄
Slow "Ugh."
Anne "Don't."

༄ A G E ༄

༄ B I R T H D A T E ༄
December 13, 2000 "My birthday is usually ignored since Christmas so close."

༄ G O D L Y P A R E N T ༄

༄ G E N D E R ༄
Female "Duh."

༄ P E R S O N A L I T Y ༄
She is kind of a downer at times. She is kind of a loner but welcomes friends any time. She can be very hyper and ecstatic if you find her in a good mood (Rare) and/or talk about something she enjoys/likes. She is kind of a tom-boy as she hates pink and purple and wears loose and comfy stuff.

༄ A P P E A R A N C E ༄
• Hair Colour • Black with the top half  lightish blue
• Eye Colour • gray-blue
• Skin Tone • grayish peach
• Height • 5ft 7in

༄ F A C E C L A I M ༄
None, I'm working on a drawing though.

༄ L I K E S ༄

Sloane likes to be alone but would like friends. She likes camp as it makes her feel safe. She also likes horses and donkeys. :3

She likes to draw and play with fire.

Calm, understanding people.

Boys and girls who don't care who her dad is.
Boys and girls who don't mind her dog. (More in extras)
Boys and girls who like her for her.

༄ D I S L I K E S ༄

She doesn't like cats. She doesn't hate them, she just doesn't like cats. She doesn't like medicine. For anything.

Nothing really

People who want stuff from her.

People who date her just for the sake of dating her.

༄ S E X U A L I T Y ༄

༄ R E L A T I O N S H I P S T A T U S ༄

༄ P O W E R S ༄
Can kill small things like flowers, bees, etc. if mad.

༄ W E A P O N S ༄
A small dagger.
A silver ring that turns into a black and silver scythe.
༄ F A T A L F L A W ༄
Very sensitive about talking about death. If "death" or "die" is mentioned she will freeze up and be nonresponsive for at minumum  a half hour and maximum 3 hours. NOt very helpful in fights...

༄ P H O B I A ༄
Athazagoraphobia, the fear of being forgotten or ignored.
Gelotophobia, the fear of being laughed at.
Kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure or defeat.
Ophthalmophobia, the fear of being stared at.

༄ B I O G R A P H Y ༄
Sloane was pretty much normal other than the fact she killed small things she touched. (See powers) Her mother didn't really care to much about her. Sure, she kept her alive but Sloane never got any toys, stuffed animals or even love. Hence why she's a loner now and so... down. She learned who her father was on her 15th birthday. Her stupid mother decided to tell her when she was already upset and angry. Yeah... That kinda caused her death. After she told Sloane where she had to go Sloane hugged her and left to plan a trap, which killed her mom. She took a bus as close to the camp as she could without being suspicious. She quickly went in. Now she hopes no one will EVER find out what happened to her mom.

༄ E X T R A S ༄
She has a puppy named Cerberus that she got from Percy on her birthday. (Hope that’s ok. They are cousins. I think)
Around Halloween she dresses up her puppy in a Cerberus costume. 
Kawaii fuellll
The blue part of hair will be like fire if she's angry. Don't hug when she's angry...
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