I walk around the graveyard with blood covering my mouth mumbling
They have died because I killed them, was it worth it?
I continue mumbling until I smell blood
Wounded, blood
I run towards the scent and see

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name: sollux

age: 17 immortal

gender: female

spices: vampire/troll/demon cat with two forms/neko with two forms/ part shape shifter but does not know im part shape shifter

likes: unknown

dislikes: demon and vampire hunters

bio: i was killed years ago i came back as a troll then got turned in to a vampire and a demon cat i don't like to talk about how i died so don't ask it's just full of bad memories of how i died well thats pretty much all the memories i have i don't know about what heppen before i got cought and killed and my blood color is yellow has a secret form i use from time to time to hide from demon and vampire hunters

powers: telekinesis and the power to heal

personality: kind and a little shy at times but don't let that fool you i am good at fighting and i sometimes loos control of my self and i can sometimes and sometimes not control my blood urges but now i wear a black collar that keeps me under control and hides the mark of satan
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If anyone can look into the profiles becasuse i made one when i joined and i dont see it. the characters name is trinity. I dont know if i did something wrong and it was deleated by a mod, but i think i would be told if it was and what i did wrong or if its not showing up from my view. If it was deleated for a reason by a mod can i be told what i did wrong or if i just cant see it on my computer?

sleeping under a tree when..

Name: Odola
Age: 14
Rank: ???
Race: vampire
Appearance: long black hair with red streaks. one eye is silver, the other is gold. deathly pale skin.
height: 5'5
Likes: Blood (especially O-) cute vampire boys, and anything sweet.
dislikes: sunshine, disloyalty, and jerks!
Strengths: Math, astronomy, science.
Weakness: The LIGHT!
weapons: A dagger, a silver bow and arrow, battle axe.
Powers: see in the dark, fly and control people's minds.

Trinity went walking the the graves to a particular spot toward the back where there were few trees one in particular she was heading to. it was a great oak about 70 feet high with wide braches. she walked up to it and easyly hoisted heself up onto one of the braches and sat there looking out around her. Why did she feel so alone. Her stomach growled and she saw a shadow moving through the graves she crouched down wating for it to come her way....

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Name: Dave
Age: 17
Rank: ?
Race: knight
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Skin: tan
Height: 5'8"
Likes: music, fighting, and food
Dislike: PUPPETS
Strengths: music
Weaknesses: PUPPETS
Weapons: katana

Sitting in a branch arguing
Voice: Choose the assassin's
Voice 2: No! They killed our old leader, it's just a matter of time before they get to you!
Me: Does make a good point
Voice: Oh please! The knights are nothin gbut a bunch of bored people in shiny outfits
Voice 2: You're thinking of the wrong time zone
Voice: Or am I?
Me: Please be quiet you're giving me a headache!
Voice 2: I see someone... maybe an assassin, kill them!
Voice: No! That's wrong
Voice 2:Now you have a moral, where was it when you were egging her to kill someone!
Voice: ......
Me: Let's just see who it is
the figure walks over and...

(Open) walks around outside keeping my head down, when........

I'm walking around the academy
Voice: This place is pretty cool
Me: ...
Voice: Are you in some emotional flaceback now
Me: No! I just have nothing to say!
Voice: Calm yourself...
Me: Sorry....
Voice: Hey! I see someone
Me: Who?
Voice: There
Me: How is it you can see that person but I can't
Voice: Don't worry, they're coming toward you
person comes...
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