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I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this community is dead. So this will be my last post until someone starts this community up again. We had a good run. This is Me. Signing off. <---jokes But seriously bye.

Since I am the most recent member, I feel like I should recommend something, rather than just having the soldiers and A.Is, you should have a few more templates, such as administrative groups, they are the people who would supervise the whole project and make sure everything is in place.

Oi, wake this place up, you all are dead as fuck!

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Agent New Zealand
Nickname: New or land
A.I unite: Dontay (will make a profile for Dontay soon)
Weapons: Battle rifle two m6 mugnums , Three grenades, knife
Amour powers: Drop shield, Light shield amour lock , ground pound
Type: Defender
Age: 35

Well well well..... How is everyone? Lon time no talk (or anything really) so does anyone still want to try to bring the group back?

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{Code Name}
- Agent New England

- Brit

- Haille Reyes

 - Female

- 21

- Fearless
- Intelligent
- Brave
- Charming
- Resourceful
- Cunning
- Strong-Willed

- Advanced Hand to Hand Combat
- Psychoanalysis Profiling 
- Advanced Mechanical Engineering 

{Armor Abilities}
- Enhanced Strength
- Enhanced Speed
- Cloaking
- Hologram Manipulation

- M7 SMG
- BR55 Battle Rifle
- M6C Magnum
- Spike Grenade

- Omega

{A.I Appearance}
- Gender Male
- Height 5'11
- Color Grey

{A.I Personality}
- Straight Forward
- Ruthless


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Code Name
Agent Wyoming

Reginald _____

Armor Enhancements
Temporal Distortion

Magnum, Sniper Rifle. (Primary loadout)

Hand to hand combat, far ranged combat, sniper.

No one, snipers.

Everybody and everything.

Reginald or "Reggie" past is an unknown timeline but all he can really say is that he was trained in the special ops program and great with the sniper. He managed to escape Project Freelancer and ended up being a rogue bounty hunter, killing for the highest or only bidder. He has managed to "almost" kill Tucker back on sidewinder, ended up falling to his death, the mysterious thing is that he didn't die, he went into hiding and has not been seen ever sense, the PFL has caught his signal a few times and thought it was a glitch in the system.
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Hi guys!!! I'm new here!!! Just joined so I will see you around!!! So speak or forever rest in peace. And justice and Liberty forever!!!

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Name: Elliot Salem

Agent Designation: Salem

Home Planet: New Harmony

Gender: male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Weight: 207

Height: 5'11

Facial Features: In pic below

Hair color: black

Eye color: blue

Faction: Project Freelancer

Build: Masculine, skinny

Soldier type: Spartan Recon

Rank: Freelancer

Weapons: Assault rifle, Sniper rifle, ODST pistol

Armor abilities: thruster pack, active camo

Skills: cyber warfare, stealth, agility, recon, reflexes, parkour, hand-hand combat

Bio: He was raised in a military family so he joined up for the army at 18, the freelancers found him when is squad was killed by the resistance, He joined them and became the FIrst freelancer to named after a town, not a state.
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Arizona was in he first mission and it all went south he was captured and strung up and used at a punching bag until he would talk he never did but his vitals were low so his suit sent off a distress beacon
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