Heya :-) Is Hi-Fi compatible with streaming local videos on SD to a Roku HDMI box (not stick)? Or is there something else I'll need? Thanks in advance!! :-)

I am a paid user and have been using this app for some time now. I recently moved to Android 6 on a new phone and see new behavior in the notification that is shown while playing. On my old phone there is a play (>), next (>|), and stop (X) button shown. Same app, same version but on Android 6, not 4, these have changed to previous (|<), pause (||), and next (>|). I really want/need that stop button which causes playback to stop and the notification to be removed. I am using Tasker to trap this notification removal and then clear the queue via intent sending. Is there some way to get it back? Perhaps an option to remove the album art on the notification to leave more room for buttons? Thanks!

Hi-Fi Cast 1.090 has been released to beta

This release includes the following changes:

* You can now add any internet radio station to Hi-Fi Cast
-- Just go to the SHOUTcast favorites tab and select 'Add custom station' (when entering the station URL use the direct stream URL of the station rather than the station's M3U/PLS URL)

* The album duration is now shown in the album view (if the 'extra album details' setting is enabled).

* Fixed an issue where the app would not detect volume changes from UPnP/DLNA renderers

* Fixed an issue where some Denon receivers (and possibly other UPnP/DLNA renderers) would not be listed in the Playback Devices screen

* Some of the app has been translated to Portuguese.

Falta só melhorar a tradução para o português.
App é ótimo!

Hi-Fi Cast 1.089 has been released to beta

This release includes the following changes:

* More sort options when browsing the local Music Library
-- Sort by Artist/Year has been added to ALBUMS
-- Sort by 'Date Added' (latest first) has been added to ALL MUSIC
-- Sort by Year has been added when browsing a single artist
* Selecting a Genre when browsing the local Music Library will now display a list of albums rather then all tracks in the genre. Playback of all tracks in the genre is still possible via the 3-dot menu or buttons (if visible) in the list header.
* Fixed a number of Bluetooth issues including:
-- Playback going through the Android device speaker rather than the connected Bluetooth device.
-- Volume controls on Playing Now screen not working when connected to Bluetooth
* Fixed (I hope) playback of WAV files with fussy DLNA renderers including the Pioneer N-P01
* Where the device language is Russian, the app will now display the Russian translation (the settings are still to be translated to Russian)

I love this app so much that I became a Beta user, and today Hi-Fi Cast is one of the most used by the Brazilian community because it is simple, practical and without bugs but they do not offer the translation Pt-Br
Please check this out.
thanks in advance

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Great app! I often have an issue where it'll split up a song from an album separately. The tags for artist and album are exactly the same and other apps don't split it up. I attached photos of an example. Thanks

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Hi-Fi Cast 1.088 has been released to beta

This release includes the following changes:

* The Italian translation is now complete and will be the default if your device language is set to Italian (thanks Sergio)
* Fixed a bug where music would stop unexpectedly (Android Oreo)
* Fixed a bug where the app could crash if started from the Widget and the queue was empty (Android Oreo)
* Fixed an issue where the system volume slider would no go to 100% even when the volume was set to 100% via the volume buttons. This affects only Android Marshmallow & Nougat.

Call for volunteer(s) to translate the Hi-Fi Cast app to Portuguese

Hi all,

If you would like to see the app in Portuguese and want to volunteer to do some of the translations then please contact me at hificast@findhdmusic.com

Unfortunately I can't pay you anything for your efforts (except compliments).

Looking forward to hearing from you.
- Brett

Hi-Fi Cast 1.084 has been released to beta

This release includes the following changes:

* The app will now display text in German if your Android device language is set to German. You can override this via Settings > Language. Thanks to Robert, Arno and Matthias for the translation.

* The app can now also display Italian. The Italian translation is not quite complete so you'll need to select it via Settings. Thanks to Sergio for the translation.

* There are now separate settings for the display of the album title and year on the Now Playing screen.

* You now have the ability to bookmark tracks (eg audiobooks) so they resume where they left off (enable this feature via Settings > Now Playing > Enable Bookmarks). Once enabled, you'll see an 'Add Bookmark' item when opening the 3-dot menu on the Now Playing screen. Once a bookmark has been added to a track, its position will be updated automatically. This will not work with most UPnP renderers (which is why it is not enabled by default) but should work when playing to your local Android device and Chromecasts.

* Added a workaround for a bug where the Android media scanner would occasionally import a flac file as quicktime.

* Fixed a bug where the progress bar on the Now Playing screen would sometimes not advance.
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