is the canBus triple project terminated? I am interested in buying a hardware to speed up my work on a project I want to start.. is there any source I can get the board from?

Does anyone know the serial equivalent command of the reboot/restart button from the Windows app (Services tab)? It seems to have helped me out a ton and would like to have it automated.

Anyone has a recipe to build the app for linux ?

Cant get it to build with modern versions of node and npm :/

Is there any python code showing how to send can messages through the Triple to a target board? I can't seem to get messages to pass through over the serial connection.

Just flashed my CBT and now no device can reveal its USB, arduino fails on Win, OSX & linux.

Rpi3 and Beaglebone cant fint it either.
Only way to "access" it is thru BLE but that is of no use.

Anyway to reset / re-upload new Firm ?

Is SomeBody Alive?))
My laptop didn't want work with WireShark.
Derek - please it was be cool if you added the buttons in row of messages to resend message, resend by timer AND please COPY button. This is for you, are not very hard to do???
I see Packets in CAN C(PowerTrain HS) but in CAN B(Interior LS) did works in last versions 83.3 k/bit speed???

I think it's more then one year ago that I started some code to use the CANBus-Triple under Linux. Last week I updated the firmware to Build 0.7.1 I could not find a really useable sniffer, even Derek's CANBusTriple is not satisfying, even it uses 60M.

So I started again coding a CAN Analyser using Tcl/Tk as language. But I stumbled over the protocol used on the serial line. Or lets say, it is not really a protocol.

Has anyone an application that can be used ? I'm now thinking on still work with the protocol as it is or implement may own one, eg. which is like the common used 'horch' protocol, using ascii coding and strict line oriented commends.
Another topic. As far as I can see, the CANBus Triple still does not support 29bit CAN Ids and no Remote CAN frames, or am I wrong.
Hope for some answers from the community.

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Testing physical mount. Got power!
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Using instrument cluster simulator (ICSim) by Open Garages to emulate CAN packet injection from Bash shell.
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