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Hey guys i need some help i was recently at school camp and need some morel support. So my bestie at the moment is a boy imma call him peat. so me and peat are pretty good friends and we talk alot on kik and stuff. ( this might sound wird but is it bad to be jelous of some one if they are closer to ur best friend than u r to them? Because this other girl ill call her donner. She likes all the same stuff as me so we get along pretty nicely exept for one thing. Her and peat both wach anime and i dont so what dose he go do for the next three days " oh hey rhiannon have you seen donna?" and completely ignores me. Dosent give a crap if im ok just wandering around the shadows or what not. And on the first night i cryd myself to sleep thinking i wasnt good enough to be his friend. Please what should i do?

New people nice to meet u allium here for all of u
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