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This class refers to class November 24th,2016
Game design
In-Class Exercise: The Rules of Pac-Man
Analyze the underlying rule-structures of Pac-Man and then visually communicate them to the class.

Analyze + Design!
Divide into groups. Each group takes two or three of the categories above and has to dissect the structure of Pac-Man into the logical rules that define the behavior of that aspect of the game system.
The second part of this exercise is to visualize the rules however the group wants. Using supplies like posterboard, markers, paper , scissors, etc Prepare a presentation. It might include interactivity, scoring, game space, ghost behavior, etc. Don’t get too hung up on finding the perfect categories…
The groups can make lists, diagrams, puppet shows, skits – they can use whatever means they want to communicate the rules and structures they defined.

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Class10: How vídeo makes can make kids smarter?

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Class 13: Play is more than fun!

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Class 11: Gaming can make a better world.

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Class 7 :Chris Milk: What about virtual reality? What's your opinion? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Class 9:Michael Bodekaer: Este laboratório virtual vai revolucionar o ensino de ciências

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Class 8:Nonny de la Peña: O futuro das notícias? Realidade virtual

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Class 6Anthony Goldbloom: The Jobs we'll lose to machines and the ones we won't.

Class 5- Give your opinion about the following question:

Given that calculus II and linear algebra are prerequisites for learning Artificial Intelligence, correct me if I am wrong, is it a good idea to self-teach yourself math through mediums such as khan academy instead of traditional college courses, in efforts to prepare for an AI course? 
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