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Hey I still try to track but the app crashes at submit when I track longer than 10 minutes. When I look at the Trips history, there are these blanks for trips that I had tracked.

Hey everyone! I just published an update to the beta application that I've been meaning to get around to. In this latest update, I updated the support and service libraries, fixed a couple bugs that the new libraries introduced, and added a remote crash logging service. Now when things break, I'll know when and (hopefully) why. Get biking, but stay safe! It's icy out there!

Where do I get the beta APK?

I tracked three rides yesterday but two were unsuccessful (not saved). The ride that was successfully saved was short (less than a mile). The second ride was over 40 minutes and when I pulled up the app to stop tracking, I can see my route on the map but the app didn't respond and so it wasn't saved. The third ride was also for over 40 minutes and wasn't saved. When I started tracking, I saw that the elapsed time started counting and I locked my phone (so the screen is off) and placed it in my pannier during my ride. When I arrived at work and switched to the app, it didn't track anything. I will keep trying. Perhaps I'll have to keep my phone with the app on my handlebar. Could the app be timing out or something?

What's going on? :)
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