I will think more of his prayers when I see more of his praise. ― Robert Louis Stevenson

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Hello Friends, how are you doing? Did you have a good week? Keep walking close to JESUS. Always be thankful and worship our SAVIOR because He loves you more than you know. Take care. Pray for one another. GOD bless you wonderfully today and always. Pastor Ben Soon.

Today Pastor wants to explain to you GOD'S teaching on what the word "BELIEVE" in The Bible means and also what are the things that a person needs to do.

Yes, Friends, do you know what "BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST" in The Holy Bible means?

Read John 3:16 (NKJV):
For GOD so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten SON, that whoever Believes in Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life. 

Yes! To BELIEVE is to in sincere faith totally put your complete trust in JESUS CHRIST as GOD THE SON who alone died for the sins of the whole world.

It means you will fully commit your life into the hands of JESUS and you desire to walk in His ways, obey and do His Commands as revealed in Holy Bible.

Yes! It means you Now Receive JESUS CHRIST into your life as your SAVIOR and LORD.

It means you believe every promise, warnings and teachings of JESUS are true and will come to pass in GOD'S Time.

Yes, when you truly BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST - GOD will forgive you. He will remember your sins no more because JESUS has died to save your soul for Eternity.


Everyone Needs To Hear it if you want to become a SAVED SOUL.

Therefore, Listen to this 7 Minutes GOSPEL MESSAGE Sermon. It will show you how to become a Forgiven Sinner and to receive GOD'S Priceless Gift Of Eternal Life In JESUS.

Don't Wait. Act Now! Only JESUS CHRIST Can Forgive You. Make HEAVEN your Eternal Home. There are no second chances after death. Pastor Ben Soon.

Watch: JESUS I BELIEVE - SAVE ME - By Pastor Greg Laurie http://youtu.be/ZYktE465-1I

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Praise - Dear Lord on Thee

1. Dear Lord, on Thee my strength relies,
O Saviour, hear me when I call;
For up to Thee I lift mine eyes,
You are my Life, my Help, my All.

Source of comfort, life, love and peace,
Come be my guide, O You my King,
Now Lord reveal Thy smiling face,
And make me Saviour, pure within.

2. O Rock on which my soul would rest,
From deadly storm and tempest wild,
Gently pillowed Lord, on Thy breast,
Protect O Lord, Thy weary child.

3. Yes! Soon my bark will speed its flight,
To distant yonder portals fair,
Soon it will reach the haven bright,
And gladly drop its anchor there.

God bless you!


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The real danger of legalism is that it produces a sense of attainment that short-circuits our call to live the life of Yes through Christ. Self-achievement brings a false sense of assurance that somehow we can live a pure life in our own ability. This attitude ultimately leads us to cut ourselves off from the heart of God and, in turn, to deny our true identity in Christ. – David Edwards (in "The God of Yes")

The two scriptures that come readily to mind for me are John 15:5 and Galatians 5:25. In John 15:5, Jesus emphatically lets us know "WITHOUT HIM WE CAN DO NOTHING." Yet, the average Christian fails to spend time in fellowship with Him - in the word and in prayers. Paul goes on in Galatians 5:25 to let us know there is a difference in being alive in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit. We become alive when we have an encounter with Christ. Walking in the reality of this encounter requires an ESSENTIAL CONTINUAL FELLOWSHIP. There in is the difference between the victorious Christian and the subdued, defeated, moody, sad, supposed Christian with no good news to herald.

Virtue is the doing of good to mankind in the obedience to the will of God, and for the sake of everlasting happiness. — William Paley

In trying to count our many blessings the difficulty is not to find things to count, but to find time to enumerate them all. ― A.W. Tozer

Justice is not something God has. Justice is something that God is. ― A.W. Tozer
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