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Name: Kyoko
Age: 16
Likes: Fish,Games,Sleep
Dislikes: tail being stepped on

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Name: Kaila
Personality: Innocent,air head,playful
Likes: Yarn,Food,Sleep,Games
Dislikes: being bullied,school,working to hard,mornings

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Name: Sage
Age: 17
Personality: Shy,Easily charmed,Innocent
Likes: Boys,Fish
Dislikes:Mean things,pain

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||General Info||
Name: Rin Okumura
Nicknames: Rinny, Rin
Age: 10
Height: 4' 9
Weight: 19lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Dark Blue , Sometimes Blue Flames Come out.

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Name: Rose
Age: 3
Personality: Hyper,Wild
Likes: Tall people,Collars,Shiny things,Ribbons,Fish
Dislikes: Mean people,Being yelled at, Dogs
Bio: Rose was left in a barn when she was born. The barn was abandoned so no one ever knew about her until one day she was found by some rescuers and brought to a adoption center.
Price: nothing

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Name: Kyou
Likes: my twin,being petted,cat toys,collars,being dominated (sexually)
Dislikes: people being mean to my twin
Sexuality: Straight
Personality:MAJOR TSUNDERE, mean,cold,sweet, can be tamed

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"Nya-.... No one wants me..."
Tokaya sighed unhappily in his cramped cage. He felt that he was too old and too tall to even be in a cage, yet that's how it was. He hated it, but no one would come to adopt him
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||general info||
Name: Vera
Nickname: V,Tiny
Age: 20
Height: 4'9
Weight: 101 lbs
Eye color: blue
Hair: blond
Skin tone: milky white
Outfits: a black hoody amd black skinny jeans with galaxy converse
Personality: different, funny, quiet
Likes: people, shrimp
Dislikes: fish.
He can run very fast

Vera sits in the tree, watching people go by. His long black tail hangs down,swaying slowly. He purrs quietly and falls,getting hit in the belly by a basketball. He lets out a loud squeak and lays on the ground. You
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