I'm currently looking for miniatures of ConspiracyX or Alike. I've found MIB, Greg ans soon Atlantes but Saurians seem to be harder. If someone sell one or more of this specimen I'm interested ... for a reasonable price.

So, here I am, still running WC and the party is in a new layer of dimensional horror. That said, there's people back on Malkuth trying to find and rescue them while they're trying to stay alive.

I need ideas for how the MC's witch coven might reach out to them if they are still trapped in one of the many layers of Geburah.

I'm kind of drawing a blank...

I am currently running a face-to-face All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign and own almost every Unisystem product. I have a few questions though.

If I wanted to run an urban fantasy game similar to the Dresden Files with vampires, werewolves, mages, fey, etc. would I be better off using Classic Unisystem's Witchcraft RPG or Cinematic Unisystems Angel/Buffy/Ghosts of Albion?

Also, can you all please refresh my memory as to the rules differences between Cinematic and Classic Unisystem? I remember the skills are condensed and simplified a lot and that Cinematic adds a lot of combat maneuvers.

Is there anyone out there that has a passion for Unisystem and that it also knowledgeable about the Earthdawn and Shadowrun settings? I have a need of an ear for someone that is willing to listen to me as I try and match those settings to Unisystem. Any takers?

I'm curious to hear if there are still anyone using Conspiracy X - 1st edition revised rules?

Also, I've actually revamped / reworked the skill system so it's a lot easier to keep the game flowing rather than having to compare skills vs. difficulty to find the target, which by the becomes tedious and slows the game. How my system in a nutshell works is basically the GM can simply as for a skill or an ability roll (and others), the players roll the dices and work out what they need to add, then add it and give me the final result, I then compare my chart to see if they succeed or not, but not just that, it can also show EXACTLY how well or how bad their roll was in relation to the actual difficulty.

Nor am I using the zener cards to activate ESP and other psychic abilities as in my opinion it shouldn't come down to my player's "ESP", ability to predict or guess the correct symbol. Instead I've created a "rhine" table that is used to determine what target number to use.

So since I've created various "stuff" for the game, I'm curious if there are others out there who like I have created their own stuff for the game.

For All Flesh Must Be Eaten:

For NPCs to fill out adventures with...like cops, soldiers, etc. would you simply use the appropriate archetype as NPC stats?

All Flesh Must Be Eaten rules question:

In the pg 147 Effects of Damage section, it says that if the head is the zombie’s weak spot that regular Dead Points damage is suffered and no multipliers are used for damage type. However, in the pg 148 Brain weakness description it states that Dead Points are all located in the head and Dead points are 15. Does this mean that if the zombie is a 26 DP zombie that now because of this weakness it is just a 15 DP zombie? If the brain is the only weakness then hitting it anywhere else does no damage unless you do enough damage in one hit to sever a body part.
Also, on pg 148 in the brain weakness description it states that it is a -5 to target the head but in the Targeting Body Parts table on pg 104 it says that it is a -4 to hit modifier. Which is correct? Or is it a -5 only when firing on zombies that have this as their weakness but a -4 against other NPC types?
Thanks in advance.

I am getting ready to run All Flesh Must Be Eaten soon for some friends and I am wondering about the Dodge and Parry rules in regard to zombies...Dodging and Parrying incoming attacks seem to give you a decent chance against incoming attacks. Do any of you ever have zombies attempt to Dodge or Parry or just stand and take it? If you do, how do you explain it within the context of zombies?

Also, Do any of you give attack bonuses to zombies ganging up on one or two PCs when fighting in a group, kind of like a flanking bonus?

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I've been looking into Witchcraft and I'm having a lot of trouble grasping how the Metaphysics work. I don't understand how having more than one point in most of them helps when rolls barely seem like they're needed. It seems much more important to have high levels of Essence Channeling, instead of becoming an expert on specific invocations. 
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