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Bright Day February 14
Hometown Starland City
The first version of name Aquamarine
Favorite colour Sky blue, with silver specks
Interests Science, anything new and different
Wish To be the top fasion designer in Starland
Good points Adora is clever and popular and cares about the world around her. She's a deep thinker.
Bad points Adora can have her head in the clouds and be thinking about other things
School year Third
Power crystal Azurica
Wish blossom Skywinkle
Wish pendant Watch
Instrument / Star passion Problem solving, especially in math and science!


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Bright Day April 9
Hometown Gleemington
Favorite colour Red
Interests Individual sports
Wish To be the most famous athlete on Starland! And to win... at everything!
Good points Astra is energetic, brave, clever, and confident. She has boundless energy and is always direct and to the point.
Bad points Astra is sometimes cocky, self-centered, condescending, and brash.
School year Second
Power crystal Quarrelite
Wish blossom Florafierce
Wish pendant Wristbands
Instrument / Star passion Competing in sports or just about anything!

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