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Lady and Gent,

I have a new phone and want to copy the data.mmb file to the new smartphone.

After copy is done, on new smartphone it looks like the data.mmb file is empty.

There is the same behaviour while using synchronization via DropBox.

Anyone can help me please ?

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I migrated from LineageOs 14.1 to 15.1 using same synchro configuration to dropbox (synchro immediately when database is modified, synchro when app start).
In fact, now, only manual synchro and when app start are ok, no synchronization on database changes detection.
Please help!

Hi guys,

First of all great app, nothing to add. I have however one question - how I can sync transactions between Android app and desktop app? I can configure Dropbox/Google Drive sync on Android side but I couldn't find any option to configure anything on desktop. I compiled latest version (1.4.0-alpha.4) and tested it thoroughly but I couldn't find an option to configure Dropbox/Google Drive sync option.

Having that would be awesome as both Android and Desktop would perfectly sync with each other. I thought that option would be available since even in Google Play app description you can find something along the lines "thanks to Dropbox sync all your data would be always updated with the latest version of it".

Am I missing something or that option is not available any more?

Best regards,


I don't understand how to set budgets in the application. It is possible to create a budget (named year+month) but I don't find any way to enter estimations in it.

Am I missing something?


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Hi, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the users and devs of MMEX. I would like to ask the developers if we can expect a new version this year? Too long no hear of them. I would like to belive they did not loose their enthusiasm. Please keep on work. Best wishes.
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