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Charles Martinet talks about the creative process of making a Nintendo Mario game.

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** SUPER METROID ** Part 5 JJChallenger HD


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just a reminder, in order to attend the special, you have to respond to the past meetings and say if u went or not, when the special meeting comes i will be posting names about who will come or who will not come. If you don't resond more than 5 meetings/miss u cannot attend the special. If u don't miss 5 or more meetings you can attend the special


If you are going to Nintendo Fans Meeting#3

4:30 to 5:30

If you are going to nintendo Fans Meeting#4

5:40- 7:00

If you are going to BOTH

Nintendo Fans Meeting #3: 4:30 to 5:30

BREAK: 5:30-5:40

Nintendo Fans Meeting#4: 5:40 to 7:00

About Nintendo Fans Meeting#3, it got cancelled because no one could make it. So since this happened, I am going to have a meeting with BOTH nintendo fans Meeting 3 and 4 which will be on the 30th of November. It is going to be 3 hours so you can choose if you are going to attend Nintendo Fans Meeting #3 or #4, or you can attend both, it's all your choice. I will post the times for both Nintendo Fans Meetings #3 and #4, look at the times, (will post later) and decide if you can come to 3 or 4. When I post the times, look at the times and comment which meeting or both meetings you will come.

guys no one is moderator for meeting #3, but i don't know for meeting#4, so post atleast 5-6 posts, you will become moderator, 10-14, member of month, so post some things

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Animated Photo

Who won photo contest and member of month

Thanks for all who came to Nintendo Fans Meeting #2. Nintendo Fans Meeting #3 is going to be on November 2nd  3:00-4:00! Please make it on time. Let me know if you are coming
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