((Can I just add, it it incredibly difficult to find a face claim that suits his character, with blonde hair and the correct skin tone..))
((I know you're against whitewashing same so my quest to find a face claim for Adri will continue !!))
((Also are the powers okay ?))

Name: Adrien Grace. Adrien is a French name, a nod to mom's romantic French side, I guess.
Nickname: Aiden.. some people have difficulty remembering my name, it seems.
Age: 16 years old.

Appearance: I have blonde hair and kinda olive skin, and to be honest I really haven't inherited much from mom in the way of looks. I have dad's face shape and hair, and I only came away with a small mix of mom's skin tone. I do, however, have her eyes. They're kinda.. blue, green, grey and a whole host of other colors at the same time. To be honest, I think I came away pretty lucky from the gene division process.
((possible face claim: Adam Gallagher ?))

Personality: Adrien is generally brave and just, like his father, and strong-willed and passionate, like his mother. He did however, receive some bad traits along the way. He tends to be too loyal when he doesn't need to be, and he is overemotional (though you'd never tell) and slightly selfish. He is known to be manipulative and sly, though he tries not to be. He's just that kinda guy. Despite this, he's a hopeless romantic, and sweet when he wants to be.

Powers: Uh, well, I can speak French. Always a good one, right? I inherited it from mom's Aphrodite powers, and also from mom just kinda speaking to me in French whenever we were gonna keep secrets from dad. That always used to make me laugh.. I can't charmspeak, though I can be awfully persuasive..winks Godsdammit, Adrien Anyway, I can also summon small amounts of electricity, and if I concentrate real hard, I can hover in mid air from a couple minutes.

Weapons: I have a celestial bronze baton thing. It's cooler than it sounds, honest..

Bio: I never had the most exciting life. I lived with mom and dad and my siblings for a while in a house in the city, they've been training us ever since we were little, cause being children of Jupiter, we were gonna be in danger almost as much as mom and dad. They let me move into an apartment down the street, which they technically own.. So it's kinda like living on my own, but not, cause they check in all the time anyway. Anyway, I guess I'm rambling. One day I want to visit Paris - they say it's the city of love!

Relationship Status: I am single and free! And lonely.. And in need of love.. Uh, hit me up for a good time..?

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I claim............
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How old should Jason and Pipers children be?

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Come on, let's go play!

Just because I'm a kid, doesn't mean I can't fight.

You're my best friend. I'd do anything for you.

[ NAME: ]

Emily Marie Zhang

[ NICKNAME: ] Emmie

[ AGE: ] 15

Emmie's very immature, especially for her age. She loves playing and messing around. She's very nice, talkative, sweet, and a bit mischievous. She makes friends extremely easily and remains faithfully loyal to them. If she'd ever have to betray her friends, it would break her heart and spirit forever.
NOTE- She's very clumsy.

[ APPEARANCE/ FACE CLAIM: ]  Quevanzhane Wallis
Hair: Frizzy and black
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin: Black
Height: 5'1


Hazel Levesque (mother)
Frank Zhang (Father)
----- (Twin Sister)


She can turn into animals at will just like her dad, and she can also manipulate the underground like her mom. She can't, however, manipulate jewels or the mist, and her life does not depend on a stick.


An ax and a bow and arrow.

[ BIO: ]
Emmie and her twin were separated at birth. Emmie lives with her mother, Hazel, while her twin sister lives with Frank, her father. Emmie loves both her parents dearly and wishes desperately that they were still together. She also loves her twin, though they barely get to see each other.

[ RELATIONSHIP STATUS  ] Single, though she has a huge crush on Jack (who will probably later be an OC if that's possible. If not, he'll be the boy child of Percabeth)
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Legacies - Jason grace + Piper Mclean 

Paternal status:  split after highschool age but, currently back together and married

(Boy character)

(Girl character)

(Boy character)

(Girl character)

- Charm speak 
- Flight + Air control 
-  Ability to bend nature (trees etc)
-   Animal talk 

Can I be Hazel (if not her, then her daughter)?


LEGACIES - Percy Jackson + Annabeth Chase 

- Paternal status:  Married Together ever since -

(Boy character)

(Girl character)

(Girl Character)

-Control over water, and weather ( Poseidon)
- Mastery at everything they attempt (Athena)
-Ability to create life out of water + heal life out of water 
- unknown powers

Legacies - Hazel Levesque + Frank Zhang 

Paternal status: Split, shortly after BoO 


(Girl Character) - Lives with Father

(Girl character) - Lives with mother

- Animal speak and control 
- Mist bending 
- ability to pull minerals out of ground at command 


here's some rules

- you people must have Face claims so here's something i really like to use when finding them 

(http://angeldustmt.tumblr.com/fcdirectory + http://rphelper.tumblr.com/fcdirectory )

- Dating is allowed
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