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Welcome new people!
Feel free to post about fashion

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Street Fashion in Tokyo | Street Peeper | Global Street Fashion | Japanese Fashions Blog

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This post is such a long time coming. I'm sorry!!
I went to Hyper Japan in London at the end of July and here are some pictures of some of the lolita girls there! I went in cosplay rather than lolita but seeing them made me wish I'd brought my dresses!! (๑❛ꆚ❛๑)

There's also some fairy kei fashion images in this post (❁´ω`❁)
Hyper Japan 2015
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Ahh, I'm sorry I've not been as active in this community! I have been reading any updates (and on +Elley Doll's blog!) just a lack of posting (´・×・`) Forgive me?
I was wondering if anyone was planning to go to Hyper Japan in London this year?

Welcome new people, Enjoy :)

Hows everyone been?

What do you think of the new Bodyline dress?
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