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Problem: All the little guys wants to be in charge of building the fire.

Solution: Everybody builds their own fire, they get practice and see what works, then the successful ones all get feed into one big one.
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This is what are towns may look like after a natural or manmade disaster.
My new SciFi series Harmonic Wars is about a small portion of a highly advanced race of humans who survived a horrific war. What would happen to the average citizens during such an event? I believe the chaos would be tremendous and within 2 generations, those who were left behind would have all but forgotten about their past. But many people believe that there is so much evidence of our own society that we would never be forgotten.

The article below is proof just how fast nature will take back what we foolishly claim as ours now. We don't build anything that will last for hundreds of years, let alone thousands of years. There's archeological evidence of a highly sophisticated society that existed 10,000 years ago. Is it so hard to believe that this was humans and that we forgot our past, or do you still cling to the idea that it had to be aliens because it doesn't fit our understanding of our history? Look at the pictures and realize the very short time since this tragic event in Japan, and you decide how long will it take for all of it to be lost. It will disappear faster than you think it will.

Harmonic Wars is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks. Signed copies are still available for $5 off the regular price at

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I have a good burn going. I packed it with wood now I'll dampen it down and let the new paint burn.

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This is a good little reference.

Foods you can prepare on a stick are highly useful in situations where modern cooking tools simply aren't available to you.

Keep in mind while reading that this list is far from "complete". There are many foods you can cook on a stick (indeed, I've cooked whole turkey on a stick very successfully).

Also remember that the fat from any meat you cook will actually fuel the fire beneath it, so it's a win-win!

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I've been asked about this a lot, so I figured I'd do a more detailed video showing each connector, and how it all hooks together.

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Are there different levels of quality, or grades, of ferro rods? This $5 rod WORE ME OUT trying to get good spark, and eventually came apart.
My other striker, with the magnesium block attached, has never failed me yet. And my #BlastMatch throws spark like a nuclear explosion!!! 

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My new toy I got for Christmas,really comes in handy if youre out on the hiking trail.

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I've just ordered two more RIBZ packs from

Ordered the Medium in Black (that's an 8 litre smaller version) and the Large in Black (that's an 11 litre version same as my realtree camo one).

They're offering 50% off all packs if you use the discount code FALCONMTN, so if you've been on the fence about ordering a RIBZ pack, it's a good time to hop down and get your orders in!

Took a bit of a hit on the international shipping, but at 50% off for two packs, that justifies the shipping cost to me!

The black ones are for urban use (because realtree camo sticks out in an urban setting like a sore thumb!

Now that I've started a new job (not what I'd wanted to have to do, but that's the way life goes, right?) in a very urban area, it makes sense to have my GHB setup in a nondescript set of packs.
My Khaki gear stands out a lot, too, but at least my Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack is mostly black anyway!

The black RIBZ will be coming with me on the motorbike, as I can carry enough kit to tackle a 25 mile hike home if the worst were to happen inside it (+ basic med kit, hydration bladder + sawyer filter, bivy bag, basha tarp etc)

Anyway, enjoy!

What are some thoughts on a decent water filtration system. I know what I need for on the run so to speak, but I'm looking for something for home use, something that will purify it even further than just boiling the water
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