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Hi everyone and welcome to the non exsistant world🌐 <------glaob if you need it

Can you make a HOME and NEWHOME room? Pwease...? You don't HAVE TO... People WANT you to though... JANE, lyric, DLIVE, NATION... You will remember these names with one press of a button... The CORE.... is like HOME... but only to UNDYNE... And only cause it has only one bridge... I don't know why, so +Undyne UNDYINGΒ .... thanks for the memories, buddy...

Isnation, bluejane, +Sans The SkeletonΒ .... +Sans the bonesΒ .... one of you remembers, and so do you those first 2 words, buddies, pals. Vanessa, Lyric Lavine, every one who deserves to be in my circles, which is why even if they block me... They don't HAVE to know its me... Just invite them by clicking my name.
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