Beagle Puppy Farm For Animal Testing Approved In Yorkshire

Leading animal rights campaigners have condemned the approval for a controversial farm that will breed beagles for scientific tests. Communities Secretary Greg Clark has allowed an appeal by Yorks
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I have found a post that an old friend put up on fb and has made me come to a conclusion on the subject the post is about. 
1. There needs to be stronger laws to protect animals 
2. The people who are testing on these animals have a lack of empathy. 
3. As you can tell I strongly disagree with what there doing .
As a result I leave you a thought:
if a dog is supposed to be man’s best friend or a humans companion why are you testing on them because I bet you this you would not turn around and hand your best friend into a testing lab or force them to be tested on with out a second thought or consideration for their feelings and if you would. I apologise because something lead your human emotions astray.

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