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Name: Kaos

Nickname: Emperor Kaos, Lord Kaos

Age: Unknown

Weapons: Mind weapons he creates, spell book

Powers: Elemental attacks, Mind magic

Friends: +カプ・コケコTapu Koko

+《ERROR》purple WD Flux 《The darkness fear》

+Kai The Fire Hedgehog


The Conquer Tron

His Wilikin

Skills: Knowlendge of ancient tech, mind magic, (sometimes) thought out plans (And battle skills)

Looks: Bald, has a symbol on his head, black robe with a brown shirt, black stuff nea his eyes

Newcomer or experienced: Experienced


Love interest: RollerBrawl

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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Lizzie

Age: 14


Powers (Only 2 Please Dont Be Op And No Healing): camouflage and being able to morph

Friends: none

Skills: hand to hand combat

Looks: pic below

Newcomer or experienced: experienced

Other: none


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Name: Will Norman

Nickname: the viper

Age: 20

Weapons: claws,Brass knuckles,and razor disks

Powers (Only 2 Please Dont Be Op And No Healing): smoke and heat vision

Friends: none..

Skills: parkore

Looks: pictures

Newcomer or experienced: newcomer

Other: I hate people who are fake friends
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Name: Tori

Nickname: Tori

Age: 16

Weapons: Katana

Powers: My Dad's and Mom's Powers

Friends: Some ppl

Skills: Eating and Being Annoying and Killing

Looks: pic

Newcomer or experienced: Newcomer

Other: I ain't Human ! XD
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Name: Hazel Finch
Nickname: none
Age: 13
Weapons: heavy guns, hand guns
Powers: telepathy (only a little)
Friends: none so far
Skills: long range killing, stealth
Looks: I'm a simple girl with long black hair and I ALWAYS carry my guns with me.
Newcomer or experienced: newcomer
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Name: Kyle

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Weapons: Sword, Knife, Gun

Powers: Telekinesis and telepathic

Friends: +Amy The Shadow Knight 

Skills: Fighting and my powers

Looks: (Down Below)

Newcomer or experienced: Newcomer

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Name: Rae Hoku

Nickname: None

Age: 17

Weapons: A sword and my mind

Powers (Only 2 Please Dont Be Op And No Healing):
Transformation, and warping..

Friends: My half brother +Kyojin The Fox,
+Kyle Shadow, +Gianna Bruno, +Amy The Shadow Knight

Skills: Fighting, machines, strategizing, and just knowing things

Looks: The pictures

Newcomer or experienced: Newcomer but I plan on winning..
So watch out..

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Name: Keenzo

Nickname: Kezo

Age: 27

Weapons: A huge hammer/sword

Powers (Only 2 Please Dont Be Op And No Healing): I can teleport and make people fly in the air and slam down into the ground

Friends: None I kill

Skills: Great at combat

Looks: I am a wolf man

Newcomer or experienced: Experienced


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Name: Eon

Nickname: Dagger

Age: 16

Weapons: dagger&katana(mainly uses katana, although first weapon was a dagger, hence my nickname)

Powers (Only 2 Please Dont Be Op And No Healing): Why no healing? Can there be healing like as you go on and don't die the first 5 rounds? Anyways powers:  power depends on if this is irl or............. depends on fantasy. Irl= trickery, Fantasy=Moving water... cause im born pisces Also..... illusion magic......

Friends: NA

Skills: Stealing XD, Knowning when most attacks occur. Defense is really strong due to the times I was in the arena vs beast. Also good with other types of weapon, but not exactly professional at them. Also, very good accuracy, althought not 100%. Practice makes perfect you know.God's strike(a powerful move made of series of moves using katana and moving around very quickly. Only used in desparate times)


Newcomer or experienced: experienced in arena (like man vs beast type. not man vs man) and newcomer to man vs man(but thinks man vs man is like man vs beast so isn't that worried)

Other: I'm a girl. Not a boy. I actually prefer fighting so well.... I want everyone to stay in the arena.  So I don't think im going to get friends.....................

Motto: Life for Life.
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walks in calming This seem equally nice...
sharpen swords and holds my daggers out in my hand
Wonder who's here now......
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