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YUGAM is back and ready to set KCT ablaze with performances, competitions and events that will serve as milestones for the years to come. This year, YUGAM takes a whole new avatar to prove that the students are much more capable than just performing or competing. YUGAM’14 brings VIZHI YUGAM-a yugam to define the joy of gifting. The gift of vision. This eye donation campaign brings together thousands of students to gift the joy of vision to the world.
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KCT Yugam 2014

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KCT Yugam 2014 Teaser:

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As a part of Technical Event : FORENSIC 

Hey people !!!! 
Ready to Act as Sherlock Holmes ? 

The field of Forensics inculcates the phenomenon of solving mysterious cases with the indulgence of modern technology to bring down criminals with the help of what we call as “CLUES”. 

How many of us have ever wondered how these investigations occur ??? So lets learn the roots of forensics in the form of gaming as a medium. Join the event and win exciting prizes !!!!! 
daily night 8.00 pm

EVERY RIGHT ANSWER COUNTS… Here your port to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you.. 

Lets Begin the new era of investigation. Get ready folks....!!!!!

Register here :
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