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Im NightMiss. i am one of VERY few Alicorns left. Their are also unicorns and Pegasus left, but very few as well. I am a very speacial alicorn though im the ONLY Night Alicorn that i know of, thats NOT dead. My mom was a light Alicorn and my dad was a night alicorn, of course i took after my dad. My mom died bc of my lil sister, CloudDust. She took after my mom. My dad died bc of a war between elves and us horse,alicorn,unicon, and Pegasus. Their was very few elves that did NOT hunt us but fought along side us. They are now known as the mystic protectors. They feed and heal us, anf in return we protect them and do missions with them.

One day me and my lil sister were flying and elves shot me and her down. The mystic protectors saved us, and we went to camp with them. (What happens next is up to you. my cousin becca is going to play the role of my lil sis. Im NightMiss. If you are going to do this rp make sure you give and image of your Horse Unicorn Alicorn or Pegasus and give a description of what you are and what you like and stuff. Thx hope yall have fun)
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