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Good morning!

Today is the launch of a hair industry specific tool that a team of us have been tirelessly working on. It's a tool that, we hope, will revolutionise the way in which we find our employees and employees within this industry.

Currently, you are now able to create your FREE profile. As a shop or stylist you can fill it with all of the important content that you possess. As a stylist, you can post the skills that you have, the qualifications you've worked so hard to achieve and fill your portfolio with a gallery or creative masterpieces that your created. As a shop, you can post opening hours, the services that you offer and a gallery to show off your incredible surroundings. This profile can be shared across social media to attract potential custom.

In the new year, these features will link together to help salons find, not just a stylist, but the stylist with the qualifications, skill sets and experience that they need.

But first, we must join together to build this hive of activity. The more people that make a shop or stylist profile builds this library of industry members. If we all work together, there will be no longer be a need to post "now hiring" over various platforms; No more waiting for the right person to hopefully come along. No need to scour endless lists of job posts. Not only will it all be all in one place, it will provide a perfect solution to an industry specific problem.

So head over to and take a moment to become part of this exciting new community to...find and bee found!
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