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Defend What is Right
Avenge What you Lost
Expose What they Did
Forget What you Know
Save Who you Can
Hunt What you Hate
Protect Who you Love
Take What you Want
Embrace Who you Are
Sacrifice What you Must
Unleash What you Are

1 Years Ago, the nuclear bombs finally got released around the world in war. People where sure that they're going to die. But from other bombs, these ones where more... Harmless. When the bombs hit around the earth, they didn't seem to do anything, until people that appeared to earn "powers" start showing up. Some with Super Human Strength or people with Super Computer Minds. But this was only the beginning to these "heroes".

No Autohitting, God Modding, Ect.
You have to make a profile
Your profile must be accepted before RP
Follow the Template
You Have to Make a Post finding out what your powers are. You can't just instantly know or have them.

"Powers": (( If you have any ))
(( Requires Photo ))

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❥Sky Heart

❥The Dark Knight
❥Lady of the Deep

❥Shifter (Not form but appearance)


❥She is known to be kind and sweet but can also be pretty cold if needed. She is mostly a calm soul and hates it when people mess with her feelings. But never betray her trust or else she will be your worst nightmare. She does kinda have a motherly instinct, though she has no children.

❥The Dark
❥Glowing Plankton
❥Her Pet, Baby Chimera
❥Cold Areas

❥ People invading the personal bubble
❥People who disrespects her
❥Sneaking up on her
❥Hot areas

❥Brown hair that turns black when she has her claymore out
❥Light Blue eyes
❥Pale skin
❥Black Choker, with a White heart pendant
❥Wears a white tank top
❥Black shorts
❥Mosty bare footed

†Voice Type†

†Main Weapon†

†Other Weapons†

❥Scylla form
❥Dark Form-Hair turn black, eyes turn red
❥Enhanced Speed
❥Enhanced Strength
❥Water Control

❥Playing the Violin
❥Withstanding the presure in the dark area in the sea
❥can go without breathing for 24 hours

❥Baby Chimera

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Quote:If were not gonna fight then lets party!
Name:Kazura Cortez
Likes:His friends, battling, partying
Dislikes:party poopers, people who hurt his friends
Strengths:strength, speed, his persuasive tounge
Weaknesses:enclosed spaces, small targets
Personality:charming, crazy, fun loving
Bio: bio unknown due to amnesia
Job/Work:Dosen have one
"Powers":petal manipulation 
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I was in the park, wondering around when I hopped onto the edge of the fountain and began to look. I cleared my through and pulled out my cards, tossing in the air, where it exploded like a firework. When I got everyone attention, I smiled at them and said Well, looks like I should start a show. * I proceeded to perform many tricks, amazing the crowd. You were at the back watching me, and when I finished, you walked up and...*

(Open rp.))

(WIP, image TBA)

"The name's Aleck. Rely on me to cause havoc."

Name: Alexander Wintory

Age: 19

Sex: Male
Gender: Cisgender
(Sexuality: Pansexual)

Blood type: O Rh-, universal donor

Likes: Mental games, explosives Also maybe a bit of pain
Hates: Forcing extremely meticulous plans on him, lies, demands

Strength: Overt honesty telling at least his allies whatever mess he's going for, so they can get ready to stop or fix it. Ha ha.
Weakness: His repurse to delicate planning is an easy point to attack. A little push telling 'Why would you follow their lead headlessly?' would be mostly enough to make him revel.

Personality: He would be best described as an somewhat impetuous rascal, even though he doesn't really make mistakes to clean up after. While he does enjoy spicing up his tales with a slight stretch, he never lies, and takes it as a pride. Loves himself, rhymes, nasty sarcasm and bad, bad jokes; sometimes unintendidly hurting people.

Bio: He led through a rather normal life, if you take out the 'being hit by teachers, peers, parents' part.

Job: Junior house officer (Medical intern)

Looks: Mostly white skin with a healthy, heavy flush, and a curious lack of scar despite his clumsiness. Auburn hair resting slightly shaggy behind his hairline, and two hazel-and-green pie-eyes.

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Name:Jake Secord
Likes:Flying Planes,Tea,Football,Reading About engineering,Katty (His Girl Friend)
Dislikes: Being Lazy
Strangths:Flying With A Rocket Pack,Helping Others
Weakness:RocketPack Runing Low On Fuel
Job:Stunt Pilot
Bio:I Am The Grandson of Cliff Secord The Rockteer Of The 30s and 40s. I Go By The Neo Rockteer. My Dad John Thinks Its A Load Of Mumbo Jumbo,But I Believe My Grandpa. Now I Protect The USA From Harm. My Mom Is Proud Of Me For Helping People. As A Stunt Pilot Can Be Fun But Scarry To Some. But I Enjoy It Alot. I also have a Girlfriend Katty Who Is A Model.
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(Close To +Thomas Ruben​)
Adrian Was Walking Down Town Buenos Aires and Sees Thomas Doing Tricks To Small Kids
What The Heck Is That Guy Doing

(work in progress) 
Name: Jason K. Riddle
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
"Powers": (( If you have any ))
(( Requires Photo ))

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Name:Adrian Seidelman aka Cybersix
Gender:Male when Adrian But Female when Cybersix
Likes:Teaching,Lucas (A Fellow Teacher),Data 7 (Brother),Stoping José and Fix Ideas
Dislikes:Lori Because Trys To Date Me and Dr.Von Reichter
Strengths: Defeating Fixed Ideas and Stoping José's Plans
Weakness: Running Out Of Sustenance (Which Keeps Me Alive)
Personalty: Adrian(Annoyed,Hard Working) Cyber: (Sneaky,Mysterious)
Job:English Teacher
Bio:My history is left unexplained. It is implied in the first episode that she comes from a small village, and in flashbacks, it is revealed that she and her brother- Cyber 29 at the time- lived near or in the jungle. Her brother had died from falling down a cliff trying to get a flower for Cybersix, after which, Dr. Von Reichter had put his brain into a fully grown panther's body. Cybersix had left since then, having adopted her Adrian Seidelman identity and recently moved to Meridiana as a new teacher.
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