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Hey everyone this is an RP group the mods are

+Wiktoria Strzalecka
+Kuchirikato Iisan
+XxbandsaremyheroesxX Fallen

The template for your character is PROFILE TEMPLATE.

:Basic information:





/WEIGHT/ (Optional)

/HEIGHT/ (Optional)

/FACIAL FEATURES/ (Picture optional)

/CLOTHING/ (Picture optional)

/OTHER/ (Optional)




/ABILITIES/ (armour enhancements, tools, etc)

/SPECIALIZATION/ (What does your character do in battle e.g demolitions, stealth, etc)






(Made by +Kuchirikato Iisan)


•no cursing
•no god modding
•no killing OC without owners permission
•no arguing with me or mods

Anyone on and if so wanna rp?...

Wanna rp

Hey does anyone wanna rp? (if so you have to start it cuz i suck at at starting rp :p)

:Basic information:

/NAME/ jake I guess

/AGE/ mid 20s

/RACE/ human?


/WEIGHT/ 258

/HEIGHT/ 5'1

/FACIAL FEATURES/ scar like prince zuko

/CLOTHING/ penguin tuxedo


/WEAPON OF CHOICE/ tactical flashlight bright enough to blind on mustafar from Star Wars aka the lava planet and a small dagger like thing that can melt a lot of metal at once

/ARMOUR/ light weight mechanic suit stolen from a fozon with some adjustments

/ABILITIES/ armor can with a push of a button make me invisible except the button to turn off invisibility (unless the button part isn't needed)


/FIGHTING STYLE/ sneak up on someone and nearly blind them with the flashlight and while they're regaining sight steal stuff kill them or capture them


/PERSONALITY/ kind hearted unless you are hurt someone he cares about or if he needs money

/BIO/ he was trained by a military force but he was always really smart he left the military force and inspired by his favorite movie Star Wars he designed a plane or two hundred based on the show

Tell me if its ok

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Name: Adzumi, or Addie for short (doesn't have a last name, unless that is required)
Age: 17
Height: 5"1
Facial features: (i drew the pic, but tell me if you need a better picture cuz i dont think i did too well on this)
Clothing/armor: (picture)
Weapon of choice: Scythe
Abilities: strong? And I guess fast? Idk what im supposed to put on this one.
Specialization: i might need a bit of help with this one.
Fighting style: doesnt have a specific one, she mainly just tries her best to hit and dodge.
Personality: Shy, i guess you could call her a dandere(search it up if you dont know what it is im not explaining it)
Bio: saw her family get brutally murdered when she was 5 but somehow still manages a good mental state (for now! DON DON DOOON!!!)
Race: Neko(cat person)

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:Basic information:

/NAME/ Idocrase Alchem Colbalt

/AGE/ 25

/RACE/ Fozon


/HEIGHT/ 5,7


/CLOTHING/ picture

/OTHER/ has a scar over his left eye.


/WEAPON OF CHOICE/ His generals 4456c Hand cannon. Made specifically for him, on missions he carry's around a 66790_MK6 Automatic Lazer Rifle.

/ARMOUR/ he usually wears his commanders ship clothes.

/ABILITIES/ a force field generator, comm device.

/SPECIALIZATION/ he is the leader of Fozon, so he usually stays inside his capital ship giving orders.



/PERSONALITY/ strong, smart.

/BIO/ His father was the past ruler of Fozon and as his heir he took over at a young age. He is also their best fighter as well as their admiral. He resides in his capital ship the 'Gauntlet Of Iron' where he gives orders.


His capital ship is called the gauntlet of fire and it can hold up to 100,000,000 passengers. It is a massive city in a ship.

As well as his capital ship, his fighter is called the 'Sabre of light' and it can travel up to 100,000 light-years per hour in hyper mode. It sports two automatic lazer cannons and deflector shields. He usually travels with his two trusted guards.
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/NAME/ Kiaran Sriveren

/AGE/ 16

/RACE/ Rivith


/FACIAL FEATURES/ Orange eyes Two identical scars on each side of his face

/CLOTHING/ navy jeans and an orange t-shirt


/WEAPON OF CHOICE/ usually a pulse blade

/ARMOUR/ Rivith only armour the energy shock armour

/ABILITIES/ each eye has implants allowing him to see better



:Personal:get behind the enemy gain their trust and take them out

/PERSONALITY/sneaky,devious,tricky,master of disguise

/BIO/ born during the war he was raised to fight he was taught stealth at 5 so he could sneak in the other races planet and gather Intel when older he has proved to be good with knives and being a formidable opponent

(Open. Keep in mind that The Fozon are an advanced race and won't go down easy, every pilot is specially trained and the Gauntlet Of Fire has a shield around it that is unbreakable.)

the gauntlet of fire loomed over a planet. Blocking out that galaxy's sun from it. There was a great battle going on for the dominance of the planet with the world's forces and the Fozon battling in space in fighter class ships.

All fighters, form around me.

Idocrase ordered from the Sabre of light, his fighter, as he shot down ship after ship of natives. The fighters on his side quickly responded and did what they were told.
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