I've just bought Silence Premium, so please forgive me if this is a silly question...

I have a Samsung Note 4, 6.0.1, with the Beta app.

Is Samsung's own Do Not Disturb mode supposed to come on and off when this app goes into night/instant silence mode?

It is doing that; I wondered if it was supposed to. I do not have the Samsung mode enabled by schedule.

thanks much indeed - the app looks great. I wanted it only for the instant timer, missing that from Android 5.1, but the extra features look very useful too, thanks.

Have you thought of being able to backup and restore to the settings? It would be very handy. 

Hi. I have "Silence Premium" and I am experiencing that the app restores volume, either at the end of a scheduled time (night mode) or at the end of a calendar event, the app issues a sound. BEEP.

I want to turn off that sound!

Please also swith off SMS sounds and VIBER sound when the phone muted!

when phone is muted by a calendar event, text message notification is not silenced. it is silenced if i turn vol down to vibrate manually. how do i get calendar events to automatically mute text messaging notification? thanks

Hi. I have "Silence Premium" and am experiencing a problem. Whenever the app restores volume, either at the end of a scheduled time (night mode) or at the end of a calendar event, the app issues a sound. I want to turn off that sound, since I have the night mode ending at 30 minutes before my wake-up alarm. I certainly don't need to be woken up at that time, but I do want night mode to end.

Can I turn that final bell off?

Is there an option to only silence the phone for calendar meetings marked as "busy"? Currently, it mutes the phone for both busy and tentative events. My work calendar has a lot of tentative events which I do not want the phone auto-silenced for.

Last two days I have problem with scheduled muting - after unmute, the media volume is zero - other channels (ringtone, alarm) are OK. Quick mute and unmute lokks working OK. Sony Xperia Z with 5.1.1
Any idea what can be the cause???

Can this app silence my phone when I am driving?

Either I'm not using the app correctly, or I'm with those who'd like the ability to create multiple profiles.  I'd like to be able to quiet ALL alerts/notifications/rings while calendar-listed events are happening & but allow  "Favorites" / specific Circles / Emergency calls to get through to me at night.  As far as I can tell that would take 2 different profiles.  (Unless the day profile can be used with events but otherwise lets everything through)...  

This might seem like a dumb question, but how do I know when Day mode and Night mode will respectively enable themselves?
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