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🔥Certificados ssl para Mikrotik configuración instalación Y soporte técnico pago anual no incluye dominio ni hosting🔥
👉🏻95 USD

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Hola amigos, he tenido problemas para implementar Telegram en HotSpot Mikrotik para que cuando una ficha es ingresada reciba el mensaje.
¿Pueden ayudarme por favor?, no se que estoy haciendo mal

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السوفت الاصلي لراوتر هواوي 532 تي اي داتا original firmware 532 tedata
ضبط اعدادت راوتر هواوي تي اي داتا 532 setup router 532 tedata
برمجه راوتر واكسس بوينت TL-WR840n ٍSetup router & access point
تشغيل راوتر ثري كوم اكسس بوينت setup router 3 com access point
سوفت فك تشفير راوتر zte h108n وتشغيله على كل الشركات
برمجة راوتر تومسون ليعمل كاسس بوينت setup thomoson router acess point
برمجة اعدادت راوتر ثري كوم setup router 3 com
ضبط اعدادت راوتر تومسون 585 s
كيفية عمل سيرفر ميكروتيك فى 10 دقايق بالتفصيل الممل YouTubee

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ISP Billing Software | WISP Billing Bandwidth Management Software

ICONRADIUS provides advanced features which can integrate with multiple NAS like Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Juniper MX series, Huawei NetEngine and Mikrotik routers. Iconwave offers expert solutions for ISP's with advanced and sophisticated strategies for best results with an expert team more than 11 years of experience and master at networking management provides the best productivity results.

We have around 15,000,00 subscribers across india, South Africa, Bangladesh, Dubai, Singapore and also expanding its fraternity across the globe with a secured and safe connectivity

Key Features of Iconradius :
Subscriber Management
Contact and billing information of the customer,
Managing customer services,
Administration and history of issued invoices and payments,
Messages and notes,
Records and administration of contracts and testimonies,
Send emails / Reminders for unpaid payments ,and
Sent / Received SMS.

ICONRADIUS supports the most comprehensive network management and operation devices
MikroTik, Cisco and Ubiquiti.

Multiple payment gateway integration
individual payment gateway integration for each franchise
we also support hotspot, DHCP, and PPPOE, Authentication

To ensure real-time reliable server performance,
Monitoring of individual devices on the network (routers, servers, UPS, etc.),
Possibility to connect SMS gateway
Report error statuses on the network
Setting Notification Groups
SMS, email, push and Dashboard notifications.

View assigned tasks to employee
Navigate to the client address
Manage Task - Add a solution and close a task
Show all (online/offline) network devices on the map, or their distance and direction,and
Synchronize with your mobile device calendar.

Complete user information
Renew user
Change password
Wallet history
Renewal history
Renewal schedule
Package history
Traffic report
Session history
User MRTG Graph
MAC Login
Permanent disconnect
Franchise management
Franchise list,
Add franchise,
Deposit report,
Payment reports,
Revenue sharing report,
SMS Deposits, and
Franchise renewal report.

Customize settings and privileges
Customizable settings and privileges as per the roles and responsibilities of the employee

Individual services and tariffs,
System functionality, Client Portal, Routers, and Backup,
Forms of contracts, emails and SMS,
Employee Access Permissions,
Alerts, SNMP Templates, and Nagios Notifications,and
IP pools for both Radius and NAT.
Track employee status
Track employee status using the mobile application provided to the employee

Connectivity with the customer database - the ability to generate invoice the work done, including the material used,
Adding new tasks to the particular technician,
Overview scheduled work to technicians for the current week,
Tracking the workload of technicians,
Daily, weekly and monthly reports of scheduled tasks,
Synchronize with Google Calendar,
Reports and statistics of completed / uncompleted tasks, solution procedures,and
Complete history of resolved and uncompleted tasks.
Add Complaints
My Complaints
Open Complaints
In process
Resolved complaints
Closed Complaints
Complaints category
Inventory management

Mass storage of material
Survey of goods by season (purchase and sales prices)
Assigning goods to technicians, clients and routers
Loading goods into the system using a barcode reader,Record-keeping and administration of all goods
Ability to assign goods to engineers, customers, routers, sites, etc.,and
Complete history of the movement of goods.

Generate invoice
Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, yearly and multi-year billing,
Feasibility to issue a separate invoice,
Support billing groups - multiple businesses in a single system,
Automatic payments with individual invoices / customers,
Payments and statistics reports,
Notification payment delays,
Possibility to issue advance invoices,
Repayment schedule,and
tax records.

Multiple types of package Creations
FUP(Fair usage policy)
Double speed package,
Day wise package.

Insights and Analytics
Traffic and server usage information, such as running processes, memory usage, and CPU,
preview clients (additions, transfers, total counts) according to the type of connection or tariff,
Data collection from the system log of MikroTik routers,and
Overview of events and changes in the database.
MikroTik #casionetwork Juniper Networks Huawei Network
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