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Our shields our at 1200% (our shields base strength is 500% and can be upgraded (the higher the percentage the less chance you will succeed in breaking through the shield))

Status: lockdown level V

Every legend we acquire boosts our shield strength by 50% to 100%

Legends we have:
Darkrai 100%
Darkrai 100%
Celibi 50%
Regice 50%
Regirock 50%
Registeel 50%
Volcanion 100%
Kyrem 100%
Azelf 100%

We are allied with team eclipse, Oblivion

Our current legends are the Regis, celibi, darkrai and volcanion

Our positions our

Owner: +Rocky vortex Rocket Executive

Admin: +Feodor The Azumarill

Admin: +Connor Oud

Admin: +Markkus Demery

Head scientist: (open)

(Yes we have two darkrais)
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So what is our next goal?

is busy building a device that can turn people into Pokémon and also the other way around

Where has everyone gone to?

+Rocky Vortex, since you have two Darkrais, I would like to have one of them. I will give you, sends out Genesect my Genesect along with it's drives. Do we have a deal?

i stand above the crystal a microphone in front of me <team Malific we have achieved a great feat from now on the sky will remain as dark as ours souls>

I'm really sorry I haven't been online lately, I have been very busy with school. I'll try to be more active.

Hey, +Markkus Demery, I don't believe we've met yet. I'm Feodor, one of the Team Malific admins.

the computerised voice speaks again <altru tower is at 80% power level 20% until level shade there are no abnormalities i repeat no abnornornornormalities> the voice stops and mine replaces it well everyone in team Malific prepare for project transcending darkness we will need a target to test our new weapon on the transmission ends

the computerised voice comes up again transending darkness has been put to phase 2: shade there are no abnononononononrmamamamamamamamamamlities I repeat there are no abnononononononononnonononomormormormalites The power level until the 3rd phase is 50% 52% 67% 78% 84% 97% 100% the 3rd phase: vortex is complete the power level increases dramatically until the final phase
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