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Please help. This occurs while charging...
Ever seen this graph? Please help...

Hey, I spilt a fizzy drink on my phone (Fanta) and only a little bit went on the screen so I thought it was fine, but now I have noticed the speaker is really quiet and distorted sounding so I I think it went in the speaker grill. Is there any way I can clean it/fix it?

The nougat update finally came out for the sprint version of the galaxy s7 edge and I downloaded the update

But I set a scheduled download and about an hour later decided I wanted to install it sooner but It's making me download it again

Any advice?

Helo. I need fast help. I wanted to go back to stock rom but now it shows error: This package is for WW_Phone, you have cm_z00ed

Updater process ended with ERROR 7
Error installing zip file

I wiped everything in TWRP.

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Is this a normal issue for Samsung Galaxy S5 after 6.0 update? Or it could be language issue?

*the big letters for "settings"

Hi. I want to ask: How can I enable Asus view flip cover on Lineage OS 14.1 (ZE500KL)

guys I'm very scared right now...

My V20 just stopped working completely. I didn't do anything to it that was out of the ordinary but this is what happened.

My v20 just started to glitch out on Google plus like the navigation bar would just move all over the screen along with the bottom buttons, the status bar showed twice on the top of the phone and the second screen... I held the power button and the option to power off came up but it didn't turn off, I removed the battery and now its stuck with a blinking black screen, Jesus christ +LG Electronics what the hell happened?

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Do it with KeyOne 

My microphone volume is not hearing well for me.any idea wht to do??

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