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TheEvilDM's Sage Advice: Episode 5 - DM'ing on the road. #dnd #dnd5e #Sageadvice #theevildm

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TheEvilDM's Sage Advice: Episode 2 - Lost that Spellbook? Oh my! #dnd #DnD5e #Dungeonsanddragons

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:: HOW TO GUIDE (Spreadsheet Module) ::
For those that have seen my idea of using an Excel spreadsheet to present module information in a super compact fashion, I’ve prepared a short How-to-Guide video here:


:: How compact? ::
Basically, I’ve taken the collaborative dungeon The Halls Untoward (which spans some 50 pages and about 70 encounters), and essentially condensed it down to 1 page (or I should say 1 screen), and without losing any information.

The idea is that the Spreadsheet Adventure Module is to accompany the .pdf file or hardcopy and not to replace the module.

:: Downloads and hard copy ::
The Excel file (working copy) can be downloaded from this Dropbox folder:

The PDF file can be downloaded from here:

The hardcopy is cheap as chips from Lulu:
(Free shipping at the momement and 20% off with Lulu code BOOKSHIP18)

Please share

#onepagedungeon ;O)

is nick done from the show now or just on hiatus? Hope he is okay!

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Has anyone created or used this method for cheap minis? I've used them in a game and they made combat fun and easy.

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New shows coming back shortly!

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Event Teaser for AD&D Classics Campaign Session #63: Trapped in the Slave Pits!

System: 1st Ed. AD&D
Setting: World of Greyhawk
Campaign: TSR "Classics Campaign" T1-4, A0-4, GDQ1-7
Current Adventure: A1 Slave Pits of the Undercity
# of Players: 7
# of PCs: 7 (down from 10, with two recent deaths and a betrayal, plus two new PC additions)

Our Heroes, having pursued the Slave Lords into their headquarters in the once-proud, now humanoid-occupied Pomarjian port city of Highport, are finally in a position to change the course of history.

After deftly navigating and defeating many of the defenses on the upper works of the Slaver-converted temple lair and successfully running the trapped gauntlet designed to decimate them, the adventurers have now now descended into the mud-packed caverns below ground - in the very sewers where the Slave Lords have established their dreaded Slave Pits.

The memory of watching their two fallen companions, Tallos of Exeter and Weira, branch-wracked by giant animated trees, their bodies eaten by slavering Ghouls, is still fresh in their minds. After a risky rest period in a mausoleum stairwell, the Heroes took the fight to an actual Slave Lord in his villainous lair!

The poison-dagger wielding Sturm Bucholtz is now dead - unable to defend his circular hideout, despite the advantage of being invisible, surrounded by a sewage moat and guarded by five Giant Weasels and a battalion of ferociously loyal Orcs. The Heroes made short work of him and his minions.

In addition to thousands of gold coins, much paper-trail intel was gained from the ledger books and correspondence documents found within Bucholtz's treasure chests. Several high-ranking Slave Lords (Eanwulf, Edralve, Klim) are mentioned as members of the "Inner Council" or, "The Nine." Bucholtz himself was only recently accepted into the "Outer Council," whose membership numbers remain unclear.

Apparently, this slave ring is a more far-reaching and expansive operation than previously thought. Interestingly, some kind of romantic tryst was burgeoning between Butcholz and his "Mistress" Edralve, who apparently wasn't quite as fond of him as he had hoped...

As this new data was being digested in the apparent safety of the fallen Slave Lord's lair, two brothers came through the secret hatch - with combat and death hot on their heels! The symbiotic twins, Áedach & Áedgal, had trailed the Heroes to Highport and observed their forceful and tactical infiltration of the place. When they completed their rest in the cemetery mausolean and descended into the sewers below, it was time for the mystical brothers to pursue, if only to continue their observation.

Not long thereafter, they fell prey to an assault that was likely intended for the others: strange and alien insectoid bipedal four-armed horrors chased the twins through the mud-packed narrow tunnels of their warren - the creatures each armed with two fine steel bastard swords and protected by two large iron-reinforced wooden shields! Áedgal was felled almost immediately by overwhelming force and Áedach was lucky to get his brother's near-dead body through the hatch to safety as the massive ant-like drones pressed their attack up the ladder!

As if on cue, the wrought-iron stairs that descended into the circular pit and over the sewage moat began to grind and shift, turning quickly into a smooth slide. Soon after, the metal door at the top opened and several well-armored Orcs began their rapid descent into the fray! Through the door could be seen two female figures: Kotigume, Enemy of the Sun (the enigmatic Orc High Priestess in charge of the upper works of the temple) and Glythriel, the fair Elven Paymistress of Darkshelf, turned ally who only recently betrayed the Heroes. Spells were cast and a small metal ball was rolled down the slide - exploding into a vicious Troll who began the grim work of rending several of the party members into bloody shreds.

The multi-front battle was short, but brutal. Four Heroes were defeated, barely clinging to life - Thedek, Brath, Thule & Áedgal - but the all the enemy Orcs, Troll and Aspis Drones (the 4-armed insectoids) were routed with spells and well-fought valiant teamwork. The Slavers, Glythriel and Kitogume, however, chose a different tactic - closing the metal door, retreating to fight another day.
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Invite/Event Teaser for AD&D Classics Campaign Session #60: Stone Minotaur, Scalding Brine & Malign Susurrus

System: AD&D (1st Ed.)
Setting: World of Greyhawk
Current Adventure: T1-4 Temple Of Elemental Evil

Our Heroes, having defeated a large contingency of humanoids (numerous Bokomono & a fierce Ogress), have seemingly uncovered the living quarters of guards loyal to elemental cultists. Scalding briny water and flesh-chaffing wind hint of the supernatural horrors ahead. Murmurs of "Belsornig" (a feared/revered leader?) from the shock troops, and whispers of "Yan-C-Bin" (the Evil Elemental Prince of Air) are a susurrus on a foul wind that batters open stout dungeon doors.

Whatever these portents foreshadow was left for future explorations as the barracks are departed in fearful haste by the Heroes. Proceeding away down a long corridor into vast room of once-great importance:

This 40' x 50' chamber was evidently one in which new arrivals were hosted to the delights of the Temple; at least, this is what the wall murals depict. A few pieces of battered furniture — couches, chairs, and stands —remain along the walls. In the center of the room is a shallow pool, its fountain apparently stopped and the decorative statue, of a minotaur sitting on a throne, much dirtied. Several skeletons lie about the place, and some odd skulls and bones as well — mostly humans, but some humanoids also. None of the many cressets and walls sconces are lit; no torches remain.

As they party proceeds past the fountain, the massive minotaur stands - revealing itself to be alive! It wears gray leather armor and is dirtied to appear as if stone - waiting here for unknown hours or days or longer - to menace and destroy these would-be intruders!

Meanwhile, in a small cottage in the Gnarley Forest, Gogue the Half-Orc cultist of Tharizdun is held within a Forcecage by Prince Melf Brightflame of Celene. His cursed condition worsens as a vile combination of fungal growths flourish, using his body as a host - numerous loathsome toadstools grow out of his orifices, vile rhizome spores burst in powdery yellow-grey clouds from his toes, moist pustules seep rotten ooze from gout-like sores in his skin and muscles.

Therein, he is informed that he is a subject to an ESP spell that reveals his inner motives. Gogue is told that he is beloved by the Elven Prince and that his loyalty to his traveling companions and friends is a noble sentiment that deserves to be commended. His curse, however, cannot be lifted - at least not by Melf himself. The Half-Orc's inner heart speaks of dark chaos and he cannot be responsibly left to his own motives (which would be to kill the Elven Prince, or at least die trying - taking down as many of the foul Elves as possible along the way).

Prince Melf proceeds to place a powerful Geas on Gogue, compelling him to track down his traveling companion, Fenmarel Stroyali - the Elven Mage-Scout currently in possession of the Golden Skull artifact (a gift given from and made by the vile Demi-God on Oerth, Iuz and his consort Tzuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi). When located, Gogue is compelled to destroy the Elf with prejudice and return the artifact to Prince Melf.

Gogue is freed from the Forcecage to find the cottage empty and the Elves long gone. He proceeds to destroy the place - tearing the very walls from its frame - before falling into a deep and restless slumber...

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Spending a delicious day off fleshing out the elemental cultists in the classic Gygax/Mentzer T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil, since my AD&D group is pretty deep within the dungeons and it's my job to bring a good resistance fight to them for the upcoming Session #59!

In addition to adding aspects of Unearthed Arcana to the major NPCs (the PCs have had access to UA's power-creep since Session 1!), I'm tapping into various different sources to make distinct and unique "priesthoods" for each faction within the temple. I'm starting with the classic 1981 Fiend Folio's Elemental Princes of Evil. These weirdos have always fascinated me and I'm having a blast diving into their malign followers come to life!

In addition to "granted powers" that align with their elemental patron's ethos & and aesthetic, I'm swapping out their regular spells for cooler elemental spells!

Sources I'm tapping:
- 2nd Ed. AD&D Dark Sun DSS2 Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (1993)

- Castles & Crusades Elemental Spells by James M. Ward with Jason Vey

I'm sure there are a MILLION sources for various elemental-skinned spells, but what are some of your favorites out theres?

Have other DMs out there done similar things to flesh these cultist factions in ToEE?
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