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Hannah was in the Lunchroom after she had just killed Because the teacher wouldn't accept her Essay. So after the murder the lunchroom as Very silent but the only thing heard was Hannah's insane laugh. But you had come into the lunchroom and stopped then you.... //OPEN RP JUST JOIN DONT ASK\\

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"Nobody!! Nobody will ever love your Good ass!!"
-Hannah Ivy Dawn
-16 years old
-Killing When she is Free
-People who stop her from killing
-Annoying people
-Black Hair
-Fair Skin
-Her Eye Color Changes depending on her mood:
-Blue=In Pain
-Grey= Calm
Insanity Levels:
-Maybe a 88 or 100
-She doesn't remember a lot and plus she doesn't like talking about it but....the only thing she wants you to know is....that she killed all her relatives and family members
-N/A Just Ask
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Arvesta sits in the lobby of a hotel, flipping a knife in her hand. No one looks at her, but they avoid her, leaving her about ten metres distance from the nearest person

Idiots... She mutters to herself Still in throwing distance...

Then she sees you...

Anyone wanna RP? 

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Time - 12:53am
Location - Lakeside Park

She walks through the park, and anyone who came near her was sliced in half. She only stopped to remove the heart, and their left thumb. She continued until she came to the abandoned gazebo, where she listened to the screams of terror, and the sirens of police cars. Someone approaches the gazebo, and the girl gets ready to strike at you...

Preferably male character, but I don't really mind

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Quote - 'Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die...'

Name - Arvesta Amino

Age - 16

Likes - Blood, torture, evil deeds

Dislikes - Better who think they're better than her

Appearance - Pictures

Insanity Level - 99.7

Biography - She can't remember anything from the age of ten years old, when she lived with uncle after her parents allegedly died in a car accident, except how everyone died. Her parents weren't in a car when they died. No. But their blood soaked into their daughter's white clothes, staining them red. A year after moving in with her uncle, he died as well. Seventeen stab woundsand a slit throat...
She had a baby brother once, she also had a meat tenderiser...

Family - Dead!

Friends - Who need friends when you have knifes? 

gets thrown to a wall by a figure in dark

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Who wants to assassinate Donald Trump!?

Sits in my room covered in blood

I got a whatcha call it?
A suggestion i believe its called
So if anybody here is willing to listen to me here it is....
That we can basically have like a target,wanted, or hunted special type of activity in which the whole school(excluding the teachers and mei) must hunt down a specific student dead or alive(depends on the teachers which is most likely gonna be dead knowing this place) and the winner gets a special reward i guess
Hey just a suggestion i got
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