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This Free Learning eBook - (available only today) helps you unlock the power of collaborative software development with #GitHub

What You Will Learn:
• Create and upload repositories to your account
• Create organizations and manage teams with different access levels on repositories
• Use effectively the issue tracker and add context to issues with labels and milestones
• Schedule and release versions of your software
• Work effectively with a team and collaborate on code
• Create, access, and personalize your user account and profile settings
• Build a community around your project using the sophisticated tools GitHub provides
• Build easy to deploy, free of charge static websites for your projects


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The tangled ways of open source and how to master it: GitHub shares its wisdom.

Opening open source.

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Unlimited Scale and Free Web Hosting with GitHub Pages and Cloudflare

Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup that needs a brochureware website or a corporation that needs a high-performing web app, this post is for you. In it, Toptal Software Engineer Amin Shah Gilani teaches you how to setup a static, SSL-secure website for the very low cost of free, using GitHub Pages and Cloudflare.

#Cloudflare #GitHub #Hosting #LetsEncrypt

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Who Should Attend?
Attendees must be able to write code. Mobile Enterprise Application Developers, Engineers and Architects from BlackBerry enterprise customers and partners.

Why Attend?
The BlackBerry Secure Software Platform is powerful and flexible. Develop feature-rich apps and mobility solutions quickly and securely.


I have uploaded android project to GitHub. How can I have a maven build for the repo at git? Is there any documentation?

Hey guys, could anyone help me, I need to edit an old commit in my Git. 

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Amazon just released a new super cool METAL Credit Card with 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases!

Considering most of my online shopping is on Amazon, 5% is a pretty slick deal. plus there is no cap to the amount of spending to get 5% cash back!

This is also another example of Amazon moving further across and up the commerce funnel. What do you think?

If you already have the previous Amazon card and you're a prime member your card will upgrade automagically and you'll get your metal card soon. But unfortunately for now this card is for US only.

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Hi guys.
Does anyone know how I can integrate my account into github directly with my hosting server?

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