Hello! This is Julianne (aka Banner). I am the author of a blog about occipital nerve stimulation as a treatment for chronic head pain (http://onstim.blogspot.com) as well as a Facebook group dedicated to the same, called Occipital and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (https://www.facebook.com/groups/232392623486874/).

The blog tells the story of my own experience with getting an occipital nerve stimulator in 2009 to treat my chronic head pain. While I don't write much on it now, it still contains information and photos that people might find helpful if they are educating themselves on this procedure.

The Facebook group was created as a network for people who have received or are considering getting an occipital or peripheral nerve stimulator and has been more popular than I ever expected, with 1,700+ members currently. I doubt this Google+ Community will be as successful but I wanted to give people another social media platform for those who aren't into Facebook.

Occipital and peripheral nerve stimulators are used to treat migraines, occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, hemicrania continua, chronic daily headaches, NDPH, cluster headaches, and numerous other types of chronic head pain.

Other names for this procedure include: The Reed Procedure, Transforma Procedure, and Omega Procedure. No one has trademarked a name for this specific procedure, which is why multiple names are used for the exact same procedure.

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