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This is The Black Hack sticky post, it will talk about itself in third person - but is not sentient in the slightest, sorry. If you want a link to your hack or whatever to appear here, social face David Black (me) and it'll be dropped in here!


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Are the monster formats changing in TBH 2e?

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Working on some new character sheets for TBH.

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So here's a first and quick version of my selfmade sheet. I hope some of you like it.
TBH CharSheet vs1.pdf
TBH CharSheet vs1.pdf

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I think it's time to reorganize the archives of TBH material. That TBH Misc. Stuff section is pretty big. It would be nice to have all the character sheets together, all the class supplements together, all the combat mods together, etc. Just saying.

Why do we limit which weapons class can use when the damage is set by class anyway?

Who cares if a mage is welding a two--handed sword of they are only doing 1d4 damage on a hit.

If the player has a cool concept of a wizard with a mace, let him weild a mace. He does the same damage with a sword or a dagger (which they can't even use apparently).

Some of you wacky Hackers have to have done this already, so could anyone point me to a classless (i.e., pick talents for damage die, special abilities, etc.) version?

What's the first adventure or setting book your planning on running once Black Hack 2nd Ed is shipped and in your filthy paws? I'm curious what people are going to be using and why.

Guys, have you ever tried to implement the Effort mechanic (from Runehammer's Index Card RPG) into TBH?

Basically, every character has several Effort dice. They work just like damage dice and reduce the hit points of a challenge. Once the hp of the challenge have been reduced to zero, the challenge has been overcome.

There is Basic Effort (rolled with a d4) for all actions using your body or wits, without tools; Weapon Effort = Damage (d6); Magic Effort (d8, this is also the damage your combat spells do); Ultimate Effort (d12, rolled on top of your regular effort if you roll a critical success).

It's important to understand that Index Card RPG has a point-buy system (6 points, assign them to any of the six attributes or effort dice). There are no real classes -- characters gain or lose their abilities by way of "loot"/items. Starting hp=10. To approximate classes, the book suggests several items of loot to start with (so-called "Starter Rewards").

So, a TBH fighter with d8/d6 damage could be an ICRPG character with Basic Effort +1, Weapon Effort +2. As "starter reward", a fighter gets a
Weapon Gem (Improve one weapon, deal an extra +3 Effort with it = damage d6+3). Our fighter here would end up with unarmed damage d4+1 and weapon damage d6+5 for his special weapon and d6+2 for all other weapons.

The really interesting thing is the pacing mechanism of the Effort mechanic. Climbing a wall while archers shoot at you? Let's say the wall has 10hp. Make a DEX test. If you are successful, roll your Basic Effort die and reduce the wall's hp by that number. The longer you take to climb, the more often the archers get to shoot.

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The latest instalment of my Pirates game using The High Seas Hack.
Chapter 5: Montserrat where the heroes return to civilisation and get embroiled in the shady undertakings of powerful men. They make a lot of enemies, a few friends and many mistakes.
The full write up is here:
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