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This is The Black Hack sticky post, it will talk about itself in third person - but is not sentient in the slightest, sorry. If you want a link to your hack or whatever to appear here, social face David Black (me) and it'll be dropped in here!


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Current progress

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I reviewed The Rad Hack.

Has anyone experimented with using stuff like One Unique Thing, Background and/or Icon Relationships from 13th Age (which are the three things that make 13th Age not just another D&D clone; kind of like The Black Hack is not another OSR clone)? I guess those two would go well together.

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Made some changes to The Crystal Hack. A new system for allies, an alternative system for violent conflicts, a softer Out of Action table, and.... feats.

The Princess also has been edited for the new systems. Ether is also going to be changed to not use usage dice, but that's going to be a little while longer.

I still haven't gotten to use any of it. I'll see if I can't get a group together soon.

Here's something you might want to try this weekend. A new spell. I put it at first level because the damage is similar to the magic missile while being slower and limited to one target.

I get that it's a lot longer than the usual spell descriptions for TBH but it makes use of some of the unique mechanics of the system too.

Even Handed Betrayal

The left arm or forelimb of the target creature is transformed into a monstrous serpent. Anything held by that limb is dropped during the transformation. The serpent hits automatically every moment on the caster’s turn for damage according to the attack damage for the target creature’s Hit Dice. Larger, more formidable targets create larger, more horrifying serpents.

The serpent can be removed if the target or its allies do half the target’s HP directly to the serpent. Since the serpent is part of the target’s body, the target suffers this damage as well. Use the caster’s DEX to avoid damage.

The spell lasts for 1 moment per caster level. Severing the limb also ends the spell. After the spell ends the limb returns to normal. If it has been severed however, it remains that way.

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I'm not sharing a lot from the updated TBH, I want to keep a lot of it under wraps until the time is right - this however... had to share.

So what are people's thoughts on going up to 7th level spells in 10 conjurer levels? When I made The Zebra Hack (White Box emulation in The Black Hack) I only went up to 5th level spells by 10th level conjurors., since that's as high as White Box goes.

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Hot off the presses! Looks great!

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What is The Grimm Fairy Hack? Well, it's in the works, among other things.
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