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This is The Black Hack sticky post, it will talk about itself in third person - but is not sentient in the slightest, sorry. If you want a link to your hack or whatever to appear here, social face David Black (me) and it'll be dropped in here!


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I reviewed The Rad Hack.


I've done a few more edits to The Four Color Hack based on further thoughts and more feedback. Following George MacDonald's advice, I'm striving to be easy to please but hard to satisfy.

I've been debating what to do about a book of villains. I want to do a book of villains. The question is whether I make this a separate product or just tack it on to the end The Four Color Hack. Right now, I'm leaning toward the latter.

Also, by now, the free mini-adventure I put up on DriveThruRPG is obsolete. Enough rules have changed that the villains in it no longer fit the mold. Updating it the mini-adventure probably won't require a lot of work. I could also expand it a bit, and then add to The Four Color Hack as well.

I've also done a bit of research into print-on-demand services. I've downloaded and read a couple of guides, looked at a couple of videos, et cetera. Much of it still seems a lot like Greek to me, and my Greek is limited to a handful of theological terms from the first few centuries after the birth of Jesus.

This brings me back to either not going PoD, or else finding someone I can pay to do the formatting, et cetera, for me. Of course, I don't really have the money for that. I rather leery about moving the direction of something like Kickstarter.

Must ponder muchly.

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Made some changes to The Crystal Hack. A new system for allies, an alternative system for violent conflicts, a softer Out of Action table, and.... feats.

The Princess also has been edited for the new systems. Ether is also going to be changed to not use usage dice, but that's going to be a little while longer.

I still haven't gotten to use any of it. I'll see if I can't get a group together soon.

Hi, where can I get a print copy of the Black Hack?

Is there somewhere in the US I can get TBH print on demand? I want to get it for my brother and nephew. If not, maybe the shipping from the UK is not too high and I can just order from them. 

Here's something you might want to try this weekend. A new spell. I put it at first level because the damage is similar to the magic missile while being slower and limited to one target.

I get that it's a lot longer than the usual spell descriptions for TBH but it makes use of some of the unique mechanics of the system too.

Even Handed Betrayal

The left arm or forelimb of the target creature is transformed into a monstrous serpent. Anything held by that limb is dropped during the transformation. The serpent hits automatically every moment on the caster’s turn for damage according to the attack damage for the target creature’s Hit Dice. Larger, more formidable targets create larger, more horrifying serpents.

The serpent can be removed if the target or its allies do half the target’s HP directly to the serpent. Since the serpent is part of the target’s body, the target suffers this damage as well. Use the caster’s DEX to avoid damage.

The spell lasts for 1 moment per caster level. Severing the limb also ends the spell. After the spell ends the limb returns to normal. If it has been severed however, it remains that way.

Alternate Damage Rules
A quick hack of The Hack.

Weapons come in three damage types or sizes:

Light weapons, 15 coins (d6): Dagger or knife, improvised, unarmed, light club, hand axe, sling shot etc.
Medium weapons, 25 coins (d8): Short bow, sword, battle axe, light crossbow, spear, javelin etc.
Heavy weapons, 50 coins (d10): Two-handed weapons, long bow, heavy crossbow, poleaxe etc.

Classes remain limited to the weapon choices given in the rules but 2-handed weapons no longer carry the +2 penalty. Using a heavy weapon with STR less than 13 incurs a disadvantage. A character with a class and STR-based disadvantage simply cannot use that weapon effectively.

Warriors gain +1 damage step (and an extra step at level six) so when they use a knife it does d8 damage instead of d6. Clerics and rogues don't get a step adjustment; conjurers get -1 (so their dagger does d4 rather than d6).

Adding a damage step to a d10 weapon makes the weapon d12 of course; adding a second bonus step turns the d12 into d12 + 2 points rather than d20 (unless the referee wants to unless the big die).

The back stab ability should do +1 step of damage plus the thief level.

That's it. A bit wordy, a little bit more complicated. Not better, just a bit different. Warriors get tougher, the other classes remain the same.

How does this sound? Too harsh?

Fighting multiple opponents at the same time adds +1 per extra foe, to the throw to avoid being hit. A warrior beset by four angry kobolds would add +3 to his d20 throw. However, no more than five man-sized or smaller foes can attack a single character in one round.

Characters may team-up on a single foe and attack with advantage providing they can muster at least one more attack than the enemy.
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