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Auditions for Judges have begun!
You likely have questions as to what the job of a judge is.
Judges will have a good deal of responsibilities.

In the event of an excess of Auditions, the judges will be forced to exclude some people from participation. I and the other judges will rate the auditions and the ones with the lowest average will be out. This is similar to how the winners of each round will selected. Speaking of which:

Determining the winners
Each judge will vote on an entry, and the entry with the most votes will move onto the next round, while the other will be out, and considered non-canon.

A judge will have to put in a prize for first and second place, as well as a prize for both of the third place winners. These prizes can vary in degree, they can be DeviantArt points, commissions, follows, or other things if you're creative enough. You don't have to give much for third place, since you'll have to do it twice, but try to be more generous with first and second place prizes.

Judge NPCs
Every judge must create a character which will be included within the story as an important NPC. You won't actually be involved in story writing and your characters are at the whim of the competitors. They can't kill you off until the last two rounds though.

The judges, including myself, have to try and draw as many people here as possible. The more publicity we have, the more people may participate.

How to Audition

Comment that you wish to audition, and I will send you two entries of a separate OCT, as well as the references for those characters, over Hangouts or eMail. You will read both entries and judge them. Afterward you will post a detailed review of both and a synopsis of why one is better than the other in the "Judge Auditions" section.
Format it as such:

Review 1
Review 2
Synopsis and who is chosen to win

The entries will not be fully reviewed until July 11, giving everyone roughly 20 days to audition.

Four judges will be selected at the end of this period.

Please be patient! I am currently working on an audition for an OCT over on Deviantart called WizardPalooza, so it will be a while before anything here starts!
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