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Hello, this is Mrs. Jeff Smith, I want to know if you are available for boxing and Fitness Training,Also get back to me if you accept credit card as a method of payment.
Regards Jeff

The most popular day people use our app to track attendance in their group fitness classes is Wednesday. What classes are you attending or teaching today?

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Perfect form. The best way to know how to do squats GOOD is to visualize in your mind how kids do it. Perfect example is my daughter.

Look the form: Back in Neutral position, weight on her hill.

And yes, Kids can train too, but the trainer should know how to do it, is not as simple as we train Young guys or girls.

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Summer sale until 31.7 :)

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Hi friends :)
How are all of you?
some of us suffer from different Skin Problems and one of them is Acne.
Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. She appears mostly in adolescence due to poor response to the hormone testosterone
The exact reason of the fact that some people suffer from acne and others do not, is not known.
  It is known that the phenomenon tends to be hereditary.
There are a number of factors have been linked to the phenomenon of acne:
Impaired hormonal activity, such as during puberty or menstrual cycles.
Stress, through increased hormone production in the adrenal glands.
Consumption of milk and milk products, hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands - both hormonal factors,
Accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria pores, to which the body becomes allergic and more.
Therefore it is very important to keep the facial skin care and acne affected areas and it is very important
Apply a facial mask twice - three times a week.
I am happy to share with you a recipe for a natural mask to treat
acne sores:
Mix a tablespoon of fresh yeast with 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply on the face.
Keep up the mask to dry completely and then thoroughly, rinse well with warm water only.
Try it for a month - two months. How is your skin? Did that help you?
Do you have more questions?, Or want to catch up on various natural products we have to offer acne treatment that might help you? Feel free to write me an email or leave a comment here below :)

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Many of us enjoy a hair full and lustrous. and once a while like to make a change in order to look more beautiful , more attractive and younger and it is natural .. but sometimes with the time and cdying hair happens that it gets dry out or... becomes discolored and looses it´s flexibility .. so it is important that we keep up nurturing it constantly

Homemade mask hair restoration that always works :
In a bowl mix one-third cup olive oil
2 tablespoons wheat germ oil
2 teaspoons honey
Apply on the hair and massage it . Add egg yolk and continue to massage .
Wrap your hair with a warm towel or plastic bag and wait about an hour and a half .
Wash your hair and the last rinse use a glass of water and half lemon juice !

Enjoy , do Like and would love to hear how it was for you

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All of us not deal with stress or different modes once a while. Essential oils give great care to our bodies!And in the most natural way.
Ilang ilang oil relaxes, increases dominance when combined with other oils
Very helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety, depression and anger. In terms of skin, is in balancing oily, acne treatment, hair
Modern aromatherapy uses: an aphrodisiac for both genders and is used for the treatment of the female reproductive system. Good muscle r...elaxant causes pain, pre sedation and treatment of stress anxiety and hysteria. For the treatment of high blood pressure, palpitations and insomnia without pathology, especially sleeplessness and accompanied by heart palpitations fever (characteristic of stress and conflict periods and menopause). ilang ilang oil is great for all skin types. When balances sebum secretion from the skin is also suitable for oily skin and dry skin and accepted in many skin products!!
What do you think?
feel free to comment and like!

Loose Weight with Coffee!!!
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