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If you're playing Borealis Wood (has anybody done that?), here's a little inspiration.

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Yesterday I ran the Sobat River playset written by +Renee Knipe and I assembled character pictures for the predators and personalities.

Our rabbits were Snowflake the Seer (snow being a mere legend), Bunefer the Nurturer, and Zahra the Cocky. During the questions stage they were clearly interested in exploring the mysterious tombs nearby, so +I went with that as my focus.

We opened with Snowflake waking up from a prophetic dream and off on a quest they went. Many awful puns were inflicted and the bunnies faced the jacktus (a cactus shaped like a jackal's head that served as a scary landmark), actual jackals, a tunnel collapse, bats, Temshien the viper, the River King, exhaustion, and imminent flooding. They all survived and are now bunnies of standing in the warren.

Has anyone come up with additional PC moves for The Warren, particularly something covering bunny lore or knowledge? I'm thinking of an equivalent to Dungeon World's Spout Lore. 

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Here is a playset that mashes up +Lamentations of the Flame Princess setting Carcosa with The Warren. I haven't had a chance to use it to run a game yet, so buyer beware!

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Rabbits, man. What else are they hiding?
Talk about a trip down the rabbit hole! I feel like maybe this is a lost chapter of Eco's Foucault's Pendulum.

In these last weeks we are playing The Warren on +Giù lo Schermo and, during our sessions, we had some doubts now I’m going to explain to you.

1. On p. 28 it is written:

“Some Character moves will even allow you to increase your stats; however, stats can never go above +3.”

but, actually, in the game there is no character move which allows to increase any stat.

Did this remain unchanged from a previous version of the rules or did I miss something?

2. What does happen if more than one rabbit helps/hinders another one? Does each of them roll the move? Do the possible +/-1s stack with each other?

I remember that in Apocalypse World more than one character can roll to help/hinder another one, but there the bonuses don’t stack. However, in The Warren there is no such explicit indication.

3. The move innovate (p. 40) says:

“On a 7+, work with the GM to write the move—it is now a Special move for the remainder of the game and your roll stands.”

In our last session, we rolled a 7+ as a result and we created a new Special move in which you have to roll the dice. Our new move calls for a roll on Shrewd; therefore, the next time we will trigger it, we will roll the dice and sum the stat to them accordingly.

The question is: the first time you use the move, does the roll stand just as the dice are, or we should sum the proper stat to them, as the move now calls for?

4. The character move Seer (p. 96) says:

“When you have a vision of things to come, ask everyone at the table to contribute a single word about your vision. Describe your vision, taking care to include those words. The GM may ask you additional questions about it and then they will incorporate your vision into the fiction.”

Does “everyone at the table” include the GM? I think so but, you know, just to be sure…

And, then, a curiosity: have this move ever been problematic, in you experience?

For example, if the player describes a vision including actions which would have been taken by one of the other characters, I think it could be problematic.

How would (or did) you handle these occurrences?

5. The rulebook, about Panicking (p. 42), says:

“A panicked rabbit that is neither injured nor threatened will eventually regain their wits all on their own but not until the situation changes and the GM gives the all clear.”

But the rules don’t say the Panic stat decreases, in this case. Is it intentional? Because, according to the rules, a rabbit at their maximum Panic rating should panic again.

What am I missing here?

6. About the default setting questions (p. 72) the rulebook says:

“You needn’t ask all the questions but pick a couple from each category.”

and, then, about the relationship questions (p. 73):

“Pose relationship questions to individual rabbits and their answers can specify other PCs or NPCs. Take note of any new NPCs the players mention.”

So, if my understanding is correct, the GM has to ask a couple of questions for each category, except for the relationship questions. In this case, I presume, they have to ask a couple of questions for each player. Am I right?

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Hi. I am finally getting round to GMing this my group next week. I'm really looking forward to it but wondering if anyone has any advice, tips, things to look out for or info on common mistakes that can be avoided as a first timer to this (or similar) systems. So, please fire away with your advice. Thanks.
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