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Two BLUE spirals, one of mosque, one of water.
The 1st of DISORDER, the 2nd of ORDER

I doubt this Community collection can continue elsewhere after G+ closure.
I may upload it to my new website (under development) where they may form part of a basis for discussing juxtaposed imagery. If anyone is interested in knowing where/when, please plus post or comment, with name and I will take note of your names to add if you register at for #GPlusRefugees

#GPlusExodus #GooglePlusMigration #G+MassMigration

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#SynchronousPosts Structural Creations in War zones
"Statue of Liberty made from bombed rubble of Aleppo, by Syrian artist."
Courtesy +Thinking Humanity 
"It was better for me when I could imagine greatness in others, even if it wasn't always there ~ Charles Bukowski"
Courtesy of +unspeakable is lallie laloo

If anyone finds interesting synchronous posts on any topic, which show something synchronous in image and meaning, feel free to post in this Community.

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Death reality... and ...Death warmed up.
The make-up's gone now.
Will she be haunted by some deathly reality.
Video proves it.


stream posts h/t +Raleigh W +Contra Magazin +The Alex Jones Channel 

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Sparkling Stars & Sparkling Drops ~  Synchronous stream posts
+Michel Neo and +Nadia Korths


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Amazing find for  Synchronous Posts  
Arms everywhere.
#SynchronousPosts #Surrealism  
Lobster Arms and Dancing Arms
What are the chances of such an armed display!
Attributions to: +Инна Я and +Morris Poll. Casal

#Dancing #SynchronousPosts  

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An excellent find for   Synchronous Posts  

I must say, from a design point of view, the skeleton piece is not only 'far out', but describing some truth. 
ISIS Jungle Gym   contrasting with every day peaceful playfullness.

h/t +Heidi Bouman
+Lexidh Solstad  +SnailyWaily

Now that ... haha! What can I say? So wrong ;P

Ping +Heidi Bouman and +Snaily Waily 

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Steel Reflection posted today, appeared synchronistically with the post on WEB founder Tim Berners-Lee 26 Years web conception Birthday
Relational Semantic words and concepts

Right Photo - reflection of opposite engraved poetry:
      This high windy air - lift me over the livings of men - the power of the clouds - carry me far over all people - my white pinions resound     

... So well describes the internet connections through the ether.
The "resounding" pinions, (outer wings) - the global interractions.
To create       manpower      bringing the world together.

#synchronousposts   #timbernerslee   #worldwideweb   #semantics  

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These two are a really fantastic synchronicity!
If you find similar, Google Plus Synchronous Posts would love to see their screenshot.   #synchronousposts
Stream Synchronicity - Cosmos

I love seeing stream synchronicity.  These two posts images link exceptionally well.  MILKY WAY from  +Anders Hanssen  and AURORA BOREALIS from +Anders Hanssen 

If you find similar, Google Plus Synchronous Posts would love to see their screenshot.

+Lity Munshi  originally shared

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Giant seagull walks into lampost   !

These birds can do a lot of damage.

original photos +Amelia Hoskins 

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