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I'm not sure how many people are still following this community board, but I'm going to post this information here anyway --

As most have no doubt figured out, Virtual Life Grid has been closed. I have sent messages to Alpha through his RL partner, as well as direct messages to him via Skype. I've received no response at all. Others have told me they have also tried to contact him with no response.

I know a lot of you have currency there, as do I, so I thought I would let you know what I was told when I contacted Podex about it. Unfortunately, as I suspected, there is nothing they can do to help us retrieve those monies. Because they are a third party, they have no access to our VL accounts. They were not granted permission to deduct money without the account owner's confirmation in-world.

While it's quite frustrating to lose money in this manner, it's comforting to know that Podex protects our accounts in this manner.

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What happening with Virtual life grid and the website not accessible?

I uploaded the pics

The Album is titled Transatlantic March 21-April 3/16

Click on the album and then click on first photo and use your arrow key to navigate

Is the grid down? I have been trying to access fort the past 5 hours

I uploaded  the pics
The Album is titled TransAtlantic Nov. 18 - Dec. 2
Click on the album and then click on first photo and use your arrow key to navigate

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Part 2 Of VLG Building a house

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go check out part 1 of tutorial of virtual life grid :)

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VL's LGBTI Grand Opening Party starting to fill up with awesome guests from around the Metaverse.  P A R T Y !!!  Great party Chuck & Jaak.  Thank you Matthew for the HOT Tunes throughout the evening.
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