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Welcome to OC art!
Here you can do pretty much anything that has to do with OCs. Whether youre looking for a romantic interest for your oc, or just to post art, this is the place for you!

1. Mild language is allowed.
2. No bullying other members.
3. Don't hate on other members ocs.
4. Don't post porn, this is the place for that.
5. Please be nice to other members.
6. Don't post unrelavent things.
7. Please post in the proper categories.
8. Please don't advertise other communities.
9. Please listen to the moderators.
10. Do not steal other peoples art or ocs.
11. If you had a request done for you and you post it, please specify who the artist was.
12. No sexual role play, please keep it to private posts.
13. And of course, have fun!

Monthly Challenge!!
So I'm going to try and do this weekly, but I most likely won't be consistent with it.
But for now, the challenge is...

Mystery! Anything that is considered mysterious.

I will be choosing the winner by how well they portray the theme.

((Art below is by me))
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