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Can you guys please invite! This Community taken a lot of time to think and time! I hope you like this community. I can add on to the Royal/Servant list if you want...

King Uther
-hates magic
-wife died
-has 2 daughters, 2 sons, and ward
-likes Morgana as a daughter

Prince Arthur Age 19-20 +Got Here On My Dinosaur 
-next in line
-is leader of the knights
-Merlin is his servant
-Has 3 siblings
-Sometimes doesn't like Magic
-He likes Guinevere

Princess Alice +Bunny Blanc 
-has 3 siblings
-she wants everything that she wants
-she has a servant named (you name her)

Prince (name him)
-has 3 siblings
-he has a servant named (you name him)
-dislike Merlin
-doesn't like Magic

Princess (name her) +Anna Bjorgman 
-she has a servant named Alys (Alice)
-has 3 siblings
-tries to be nice to everyone but can't
-doesn't like Morgana and Merlin

Lady Morgana
-Want the throne
-Dislikes the royals and the servants
-She is evil
-She has a servant named Guinevere
-She is King's Ward

Merlin taken +Snow Queen Elsa of Arendelle™
-Has the most powerful magic but yet keep learning
-He doesn't like some of the royals but he like Arthur of course
-He protects Arthur
He is Arthur Manservant

Guinevere +Maleficent I 
-She likes Arthur
-Servant of Morgana
-She is just a peasant girl

Prince's Servant (you name him)
-He has some magic
-He is Servant of the Prince
-He is fine with Merlin
-He doesn't like some of his siblings

Princess' Servant (you name her)
-she doesn't have magic
-she doesn't like magic
-she is servant of Princess

Princess' Servant (you name her) +Wonderland Queen 
-she has magic
-doesn't like Morgana
-she like Arthur and his brother
-she is servant of the princess

-court physician
-cares for Merlin




More will be added

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Name: Maleficent
Age: 21
Likes: dancing, singing, fighting, riding her horse, reading, and writing
Dislikes: man thinking she's not tafe, hates her dreams, also hates that her parents left her in a orphanage.
Family: King Arthur, other orphans.
Appearance: 5'7, black with sliver hair, black eyes, pale skin, wears black red purple dresses.
Personality: very very kind, can be mean when mad enough, always feel abandoned after her parents left.
Bio: when she was about 6 her parents left her in the orphanage, she doesn't like the ideas that people say about her. She as dreams about the past that shows her bed past. When she was young she fell off her horse coausing her to lose her memories.
Other: Nothing else you can always ask me if there's anything else.
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Hello i am new and would like to know what I need to do, to get into the rps. If its still alive. 

((Open to anyone))
Well walking into the town from the forest she looks around confused about why her life was so different from everyone's. She also was confused about why her dreams tell her to go to the castle thinking about the past also about how she needs a job. She thinks about her birthmark that looked like the royal seal, when was walking in she looked around confused. stops at the window to look out it. 'Who am I who was I supposed to be'

I am sorry to ask but did I do something wrong?

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Full Name:Auorra Le Fay



Hair:dark blonde
Eyes:dark blue
Skin tone:white
Apparel:gold sword and a sliver dragger
Social standing:used to be a lady of camelot but is now an outlaw though she does change her appers to a pesant's if she wants to sneak into Camelot.
Bio:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She used to be kind and sweet before the purge.As the king killed her parents,now she only wants revenge.An old witch resuced her before she was killed and gave her to the high priestesses.The high priestesses trained her and now she is a high priestess hershelf and she wants revenge on the kingdom that killed her parents.
Other:she is a high priestess of the old religion.She's a friend of morgana and she's in Camelot disgused (second picture)as a noble lady visiting from far away.
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You jump behind me and I smile at you Arthur What are you doing?
((In Arthur's Chambers))
((Open +Got Here On My Dinosaur other need to ask))
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Name: Dexter of Camelot
Age: 11
Appearance: picture
Allies: Erik, Linda, Dr. Jensen, Jack Frost, Prince Arthur, Gwenniver and Prince Mario
Afflictions: good
Personality: kind, innocent, optimistic, brave and shy
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Name: King Jackson of Camelot, Jack Frost.
Age: 27
Hair color: brown, platinum blonde
Eyes: blue (occasionally red)
Special abilities: can manipulate ice and snow
Association: evil, neutral


walks over to the stables with a shovel and a bucket. I walks inside the stables and start to clean it
then you...
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