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That's my next house...
don't worry there's more than one..we can all live together xp

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:) need advice? I can help! I love giving advice. I've already helped some peps. :)

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bryan landheyberts -


Serina.! Should I post my story.?

                           Fan Fic :P Really gooood :D                                                                                                                                                   
What do you do when everything in life suddenly disappears? You turn out like me. A simple girl with no such thing as a life. A girl who wastes her time in her bedroom listening to loud music off my I-Pod. Sitting here thinking what I should do with my life. My name is Christy Hemons, and I hate my life.
________________________Where It All Began__________________________________

    It all started out when I started high school. My best friend Jesse had this huge crush of the jock of the school, Matt Johnson. Matt was every girls dream. A 18 year old with a silver Corvette, and huge muscles. Matt asked her to homecoming, and of corse she said yes. Jesse tells me everything so when she said her and Josh were going to leave, I knew what she meant. They fooled around a bit and Josh wanted to hook up with her. That night she spent the night at my house and stayed up all night talking to him. Over the next two weeks they went on countless dates. Next thing you know Jesse tells me they had sex. The fallowing week I went to her house and Josh texts her and says there breaking up. That he found someone way better then her sorry ass. Jesse stayed up all night balling her eyes out. I didn’t want to go home the next day, but my mom said I needed to come home. Jesse emailed me that night, and said she needed to go, that she had no purpose in the world anymore. I ran to her house, Crashed down her door, and booked it up her stairs. I walked into her room and I knew I was too late. I screamed because all I saw was my best friend, bloody on the floor. Her mom came rushing up the stairs and called 911. I told her they couldn’t do anything because she was already gone. We sat in her room staring at Jesse until the paramedics arrived to peel her body from the cold hardwood floor.
    On Sunday, we had her funeral. I didn’t wear black though. I wore her favorite color... Green. In her coffin she wore her dress she wore to homecoming. A green mermaid dress covered in sparkling rhinestones. They played “If I Die Young” and I cried. I swear i cried enough to fill the Pacific ocean. I knew she would talk to me from heaven and tell me it’s fine. On her tombstone it said “ R.I.P Jessica Mae Rona may we all think of you as you fly above us”. I wrote a note for her and placed it in her coffin before the buried her. It said:


Dear Jesse,
       I know you’ll be happier up in Heaven but you have to remember me down here.
      Remember all the things we did, The stuff we said. I love you Jesse, and Matt was
      stupid to not realize how amazing you are. He just wasn’t the one for you. I’ll pray
       for you every night. Just remember that I’ll be thinking of you Jesse.
           Christy <3 XOXO

 Then they closed her coffin and I said goodbye for the last time. I knew my life was never going to be the same.

____________________Crazy Emo __________________________________________

    When I got home I went on a rampage. I destroyed my room and found a pair of scissors. I walked to the bathroom, and chopped my long hair off. I found a razor and slit my wrists. I yelled out in pain, but it was for Jesse. I let my blood run down my arms, and into the sink. I watched it swirl down the drain. I went and ripped up my cloths and, smashed my mirror.
Then, I crashed on my bed and cried myself to sleep.
    The next day I woke up with a pounding headache. I just wanted to scream. I wanted to scream till I had no breath. I wanted to die. I knew I wasn’t going to school today. I might tomorrow if I’m not dead. I planned on it. At least i could see my Jesse. Later, I decided what I was going to do. I went to the bathroom and picked up the razor. I pushed as hard as i could into my wrist. My blood was every where and I cried out. My mom heard and ran in. “Oh My God, Christy why would you do that to yourself” and thats all I heard before i blacked out. I woke up the next day with some gnarly stitches in my wrist. I wanted to leave. I hated hospitals. A hour later i got my paper work and my mom drove me home. I went to school the next day and i felt like a loner. I walked alone to every class i sat alone at lunch. I got called a “Crazy Emo all day. Maybe they were just saying that because my hair was chopped up and I was wearing a load of dark makeup, but it meant a lot more to me. That night i went home and took some of my moms medicine. I blacked out. Yet again though, I woke up and was in the hospital. I just wanted to scream. I hated my mom. Why couldn’t she let me end my suffering. My Doctor said I have to stay over night to make sure all of the toxins in the medication were out of my system. So my mother had to leave.

___________________Sam Clemer___________________________________________

It was about 3:00p.m when this boy went in the curtained room next to me. He said hi and I asked what he was in for. He said “ I got drunk and passed out.” I giggled. He asked the same and just held up my arms. “Oh.” He said in a upsetting voice. He asked for my name and I told him. I asked for his and he said “ Sam Clemer.” He said he had to go. Then, he gave me a piece of paper and he left. I read the paper...

    Hey just wanted to say your really pretty:D
    We should hook up sometime Heres my number:
    484-765-9880...Call Me:)

    I got this weird feeling when i looked at him I don’t know what it is. I finally concluded it was Jesse telling me “Go get him. You need to get on that shizz” and I laughed. I missed her so much.
I got to go home early and my mom picked me up at 7:00 p.m
I got home and went to my room. On my way to my bed I stepped on a broken piece of my mirror. “Shit” I called out. I pulled it out and sat on my bed. I listened to some music for about a hour and decided to call Sam. I pulled out my phone and dialed his number.
“Hello” he said.
“Hey it’s Christy”
“Oh hey iv’e been waiting for you to call”
“So when do you want to hook up?” I said.
“Does Saturday sound good?” Sam said sounding excited.
“Sound great!!”
“I have to go Christy see you Saturday!”
“Bye” I said.
I sat there smiling up at the sky and said to Jesse
“I finally get my chance.”
I fell asleep with my phone in my hand, and I dreamed about Jesse and Sam.

______________________Friday Night_____________________________

    I went shopping on friday. I went down to the mall in my black Jeep. I didn’t know what to get though. Jesse always helped me when I shopped. I finally settled on a Ruffled shirt, and dark wash jeans. I got some amazing purple flats too. When I got home I placed my things on the end of my bed. I grabbed my I-Pod and fell asleep listening to “Lips of a Angel.” In the morning I got a shower, texted Sam my address, and checked my Facebook. I changed into my new cloths and did my hair and makeup.
Sam never told me where he was taking me so I’m scared I’m going to be over dressed.
.......A hour later......
Sam knocked on my front door and I rushed downstairs. My mom said “Who’s that?” in her annoying like “Where do you think your going young lady” voice. I said “Someone” and walked out the door. Sam had a nice red Mustang. I asked him where we were going and he said “It’s a secret” with a little smile. I smiled back and said “okay.” We drove about 10 minutes to a little house. The house was made of brick and was a two story. “Who’s house is this?” I asked even though I already knew. Sam said “Mine” and gave off a huge smile. I laughed. I asked if his parents were home and he said no. When I walked into his house I walked into a beautiful red kitchen. Branching off from that was a small living room and a dining room. We went upstairs and walked into his room. It had a checkered print bed set, black walls, cloths everywhere, and a electric guitar sitting in the corner. We sat and talked for hours. I liked him a lot even though we just met. He leaned in to kiss me and he asked “Is okay if i kiss you Christy?” I said yes. When our lips met I felt a fire rush through me. As if nothing could ever stop us. I knew this boy was for me, and I needed him more than anything right now. Slowly we slid down onto his bed. Which for a first date sounded a little slutty, but Sam seemed to feel the same way. His hands slowly unbuckled my bra. Almost effortlessly. His hands were fire on my  skin as they slipped beneath the lace of my bra. He slipped my shirt off, I unbuckled his pants, and his studded belt. He asked “Do you think we should stop? I mean this is only our first date.” I said “Okay” with a little disappointment. He saw it in my eyes. He kissed me putting hardly any pressure on my lips so I was the one pushing back for more. I said drugged and feverishly  “I know it’s only our first date but I love you. I swear i do I feel it inside me. Please say you feel the same Sam.” He said “Christy when I saw you in the hospital I knew you were for my I knew I loved you from that moment on.” A big smile spread across his adorable face. This time I pinned him to the bed and peeled his shirt of. This guy was ripped! He got the hint and unbuckled my pants and pulled them off. He flipped me over onto his bed so he was on top of me. He kissed my neck, then my breast, and he swerved over and sunk he teeth into my shoulder. He grabbed a condom out of his wallet and got it on. He pulled up and thrusted on down on me. Bucking like a fish out of water. This didn’t hurt though because I lost my virginity at 16.
We stopped after about 25 minutes and he drove me home. I prayed that night that he was for me. Jesse was telling me he is.


    I am going to Jesse’s grave today. I needed to talk to her even though she wasn’t going to answer back. As I pulled up to the cemetery I slowly got out of my car. I walked to her grave and sat next to it. “Jesse i know you can’t hear me, but I need someone to talk to. I met this boy named Sam. I need to know if he’s right for me. Please give me some kind of hint. I love you Jesse.” A tear fell onto my cheek. I walked back to my car and started the engine. I just sat there though. I sat and stared at Jesse’s grave until I couldn’t cry anymore. On the way back to my house i thought about what i was going to do with my life now. How will I make it by without Jesse. I got home and walked up to my room. I called Sam. He didn’t pick up I left a message.
“ Hey it’s Christy do you think you could call me back i need someone to talk to. Love you.”
It was 7:00 p.m. I went downstairs and got some ramen noodles. Shaking as i was opening the door to the cabinet. I ate my noodles in silence, and I went to bed. I woke up at 2:00 and my phone was ringing. It was Sam. I picked up.
“Hey Christy sorry for calling so late.”
“It’s okay”
“Whats up?”
“I went to my best friends grave today.”
“Oh what happened to her. I’m so sorry.”
“She committed suicide over a guy she thought she loved.” I said this as a tear streamed down onto my over sized T-shirt.
“I’m so sorry babe I wish I could help.”
Then I said
“I tried to kill myself over it. Thats why i was in the hospital the day we met.”

“Babe don’t do that. It’s just a part of life.”
“I know. I know” I was crying into the phone.
Sam said
“I’m coming over. Put on some cloths and I’ll be there in a few minutes. I love you Christy.”
“Okay, Love you too Sam.”
He hung up. I through on a pair of jeans and snuck downstairs. Sam pulled into the driveway, And I booked it outside and hugged him. He kissed my cheek right along my tears.
“ Christy i tried to kill myself before too.” He continued
 “I went home one night and my dad was really drunk. He started to beat my mother. She was screaming for help. Right before I called the cops  my dad strangled me and pinned me up to the wall. He said that i was ungrateful and if anyone finds out about this he was going to beat the shit out of me.”  I said “Oh my god.” I’m so sorry Sam” He said
“ I went upstairs and called the cops on my cell phone and I took a razor and slit my wrist. I lost so much blood I passed out. The cops came and found me and took me to the hospital.” Sam showed me his scars.
“ My dad got arrested and he is still in jail. I just live with my mom now.” I said
“I feel so bad I’m sorry Sam.” We sat and talked about Jesse and Sam told me more about him. My phone went off then. I wasn’t a number it was the letters JMR the text had a smiley face. I smiled up at the sky and I said thank you. Me and Sam kissed and he left. I went back up to my room and my mom was in my room.
 “Where were you!” She said
“Sam came up because he wanted to talk.” I said.
 “It’s way to late to have boys over. I’m going back to bed okay Christy. No more boys over at 3:00 in the morning.” I said “Okay.” I laid back down and fell asleep. I woke up at 5:45 so I could get ready for school. I really didn’t want to go to school. I got a shower and put on a “Queen” T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I put on my lace up boots and got my black sweatshirt. I grabbed my backpack and got into my car. When i got to school a I went to my locker and it was open. The only person besides me that knows my locker combo is Jesse. I smiled and laughed.
_______________After school_________________________________________

    When I got home, I went into my room. I logged onto Facebook and changed my relationship to “Taken” and excepted the friend request from “Sam Clemer.” I logged off and went downstairs into my living room. My parents were fighting and my dad had a bottle of whiskey in his hand.
I thought “Oh no...” My mom screamed into my dads face and my dad punched her. I walked over and screamed “Let go of mom!!!” He didn’t he just slapped me and said to not talk to him like that. He told me to go to my room. I didn’t and I went over to him and punched him in his face. My dad let go of mom and she screamed “Get off your daughter!!” He punched me in my face and tore my piercings out. I screamed and had blood running down my face. My father loosened his grip on me and I ran upstairs and called the cops. Then i called Sam and he came and got me. My dad screamed “Where are you going?!?” I ran out the door as he was chasing me. I hopped into Sam’s car, and we drove to his house. I was crying, and had blood everywhere. We pulled into his driveway, and went into his house. He mom said “ Oh my god is this your girlfriend.” Sam said yes. “Honey what happened Christy?!” Sam ran upstairs and got peroxide and gauze pads.  I told his mother what happened then I blacked out. I woke up and Sam was cleaning out my cuts and fixing my piercings. His mom was talking to some cops. When I finally got up I ate some macaroni. I had to talk to the cops and they said i had to go to court. I said okay. After they left me and Sam went upstairs and talked about all of this. I changed into one of Sam’s T-shirts. We laid down in his bed, and he put his arm around me. He whispered into my ear “It’s going to be okay Christy. I’ll make sure of that.” It felt good knowing Sam was laying right next to me, and that Jesse was watching over me. I woke up at 9:00. Sam was at school. The cops said I didn’t have to go to school till the case was settled. I had court tomorrow at 10:00. I sat in Sam’s room all day. Observing the cloths on the floor and the things on his shelf. I heard the door open at 3:00. Sam came upstairs and gave me a hug and a kiss. He sat next to me and did his homework. We sat and listened to some music. Sam played a song that he wrote for me, and played his guitar. It was beautiful. Sam walked up to me and whispered “I love you babe.” I smiled and kissed him. Sam took me to dinner at Olive Garden. It was romantic and cute. When we got home we went up to Sam’s room. I got a shower and wore another one of Sam’s shirts. We cuddled up and fell asleep.


     I woke up at 8:00, and got into a black skirt and a purple lace shirt. Sam bought them for me because I didn’t have hardly any of my cloths at his house. Sam got on the bus so I could use it to go to court. To bad he couldn’t come with me though. His mom said that he should stay out of all this. I did my hair and makeup, and then I went downstairs and grabbed Sam’s keys. I was going to pick up Sam anyway because he was a part of all this. I drove down to his school and walked into the office. I told the lady at the counter if Sam Clemer could come down to be picked up. She said  “ What is the reason for this.” I told her that he had to come to court with me. She called the class he was in and he came down and gave me a big hug. He signed out and we walked to his car. He drove us to the Sterling Court House, and i took a deep breath. I was so nervous. How am i supposed to send my father to jail. As we walked in Sam held my hand. I walked in  and me and Sam went through a metal detector. When we walked through it went off. I told them I couldn’t take my piercings out because of what my dad did. Sam had to take out his snake bites though. He went through again and he was good. We walked into the courtroom me and my mom sat in the front with our lawyer. Sam sat with the witnesses. My dad walked in and sat at the other tale with his lawyer. One of the officers called out “All rise for the honorable judge Marsha.” We all stood up at the judge walked in. “You may sit down.” She said.
My lawyer called my mother to the stand. He asked
“Mrs. Hemons, Did your husband abuse you?”
“Yes.” She said.
“Did he or did he not abuse your daughter Christy as well?”
“ Yes he did.”
“You may sit down Mrs. Hemons.”
She got up and walked back to her seat.
“I call Christy Hemons to the stand.”
“What did your father do to you Christy?”
I said. “He punched me in the face and then proceeded to rip all my piercings out.”
“You may sit down Christy.” He said.
My lawyer sat down, and my fathers got up and called me to the stand. I got up nervous and giddy. I needed to get out of there. I sat down and asked me a few questions.
“Christy did you run away after this happened?”
I answered yes.
“And where did you go?”
I said “My boyfriends house.”
Then his lawyer stated that this was a act of runaway and should be held against me. This guy was starting to piss me off. I stood up and had a cop run towards me. I went and punched my father’s lawyer in the face and quickly ran out of the court.

_________________Sam’s POV_________________________

    I got up and ran after her trying to get passed the crowd of cops. I finally got through and ran to my car. I got my keys out of my pocket and got in the car. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Christy was bloody in my backseat. A pocket knife lay on the ground. I started crying and sped back to my house. My mother wasn’t home. I took her up to my room as the blood dripped from her already scared wrists onto my white T-shirt. I laid her down and covered her wrists with a dark towel so my mom wouldn’t suspect anything. I cried and cried, but she wouldn’t wake up. I changed my bloody T-shirt and picked Christy up. I carried her out to my car and drove to the hospital. When we got there i placed her in a wheel chair and took her to the front desk. The lady asked for Christy’s name and the took her in right away.
    They made me wait outside and her mother went into the room. She came back out crying and made her way to the waiting room. After about 15 minutes i got to go back into the room. Christy wasn’t up yet I sat next to her and held her hand. Two hours later she opened her eyes. She screamed at me. She said why didn’t i let her die. She screamed at me to get out and stay out of her life. The nurses took me out.  I looked at her mother as i walked out into the cold frozen rain. I drove home. I cried myself to sleep.

________________________Christy’s POV______________________________

    I just wanted to die. I can’t believe i said that to Sam. I got 58 stitches in my left arm. The doctors told me that i nearly died of blood loss. Sam called me 10 times when i got home. I listened to the voicemails and cried. He said he didn’t want me to die he wanted me to stay he said he loved me and he will never let me go. I didn’t want to listen to it. I was done. I texted sam these two painful words... “I’m done.”  I balled and picked up the razor. I laid down on the floor and whispered “Goodbye Sam I will always remember you.”

________________________Sam’s POV____________________________

    I was so worried when Christy texted me i knew what she meant. I got into my car and sped all the way to her house. I broke down her door and ran up to her room. I pushed the door open but I was too late.  I ran to her and laid her head in my lap. I cried. Her face was innocent but cold. Her eyes were closed and a single red tear fell from her eye.
     I set her down and sat on her bed. I saw a piece to paper sitting on her bedside table.

Dear Sam,
I knew you would find me Sam, you always do. I will always be waiting for you. For that day you come to the clouds. The day we can reunite. I will always love you and don’t ever forget that. Bye Sam. I love you.
                                       Always and forever <3

I called her mom and I ran i left my car in her driveway and ran to my house. I sat in my room and screamed. I love her. I do and she had to leave me like this. I kept her note and put it on my dresser.

_________________The day of the Funeral____________________

I went to her funeral in jeans and her favorite T-shirt. I stood in the back in silence. It was a warm sunny day. The whole funeral I looked to the sky. When it was time for the viewing I walk over and kissed her for head. She was wearing the things she wore on our first date. I placed the note she left for me in her casket, and I placed another one in there as well. As it got dark i looked at the firsts star in the sky and smiled.
                    Dear my sweet angel,
  I know your happy and i will never forget my angel. Just promise you will always watch over me. I love you Christy, My Guardian Angel.
                Always and forever<3

Heyy everyone! :D 


Welcome people:P People say im good at giving any type of advice to i thought i would make this community. :)
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