On newly installed macos server 5.5 mail services runs only locally. Is something wrong with my dns settings? I can send and receive mail to local users and i can not send to outside users but can receive from outside users mail. Something is wrong with my smtp i had received error mail wich says No route to host (that was gmail).
Any ideas?

Preparations almost done for next week.
Can't wait to see you all!

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So here we are once more!

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We are proud to announce you our brand new utility:

maScriptRunner is a solid Applescript runner, which make of your mac a real workhorse.

Check it out at:

Just a couple of weeks until we meet again. The program has been finalised (I hope) and we are fully booked with a waiting line.
Couldn't be better!

I'm writing a reader for our students (Vocational Education) about OS X Services. When testing Calendar Service on El Capitan Server and Client I noticed that adding a location isn't a problem but adding a resource as an attendee is .... 
The OS X Server and OS X Client are both used within a VM (VMWare Fusion latest version)

Someone out there having the same experience or a solution?

Did anyone have any special favourite moments or presentations at this year's macSysadmin?

In the "About this community" text, could we have a description of the topics in the community? I like having more interesting names but they're not very obvious, to me at least.

I don't remember every table being full before, nice to see so many people here!

Look at that, bananas are already mentioned several times :-D
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