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(Discorded Whooves) hmm... so you tie up doctors who won't love you? how about a doctor who just wants to " Love you "

Ok where do you buy your rope id like some for... stuff...

how would you feel if I read through your mind Derpy

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Ditzy don't do dis it no ok if he likes you he wood not like you no if you tie him up o yes Doc open up your bad it under the bed
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Me from the future, please don't trust Discord... He's not really your friend. He's an evil, evil draquataquis (Can't spell it) and the lord of chaos! He tried to destroy our home!

Derpy Discord Is Playing a Twisted F*@king game with yo snap out of it!

Derpy use your beauty to make the doctor love you.

But if it is not working. then hit him with this spell sleep potion,I just made.

giving you my portion

Hello derpy what if you don't win the doctor over I recommend a love potion holds the bottle make him drink this and stare into his eyes

Hello i come back smile sit
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