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1:Jacob Crosby is co-leader do what he asks
2:Keep the swearing down you can but not excessive
3:Two profiles only fight the rebellion or help it
4: Don't Rp until you are Approved by mod or me
5:Romance is ok nothing crazy
7:Members can make only one profile if you get mod you can make two but members choose the rebellion to fight for or the crown

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((comment if you want hem to be your dragon))

:name:  arrow(you can change it but you need to give a reason to)
:true name: (don't know)
:age: 100
:gender: male
:rider: none
:wild/bonded: wants robe bonded
:height: same as aaphira
:strength: fire and fighting.
:uses: fire and wind(uses his wings for the wind)
:side: what ever rider is
:likes: fighting(sometimes), rider(when he has one)
:dislikes: being alone, not be able to be trusted
:bio: his old rider died but some how he lives

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[Name] Shado Fei

[Nickname] Grey Dragon

[Age] 24

[Gender] Female

[Dragon] Arsenal

[Affiliation] The new order of Dragon Riders

[Side] ?

[Weapons] bow, arrow, darts and knives

[Bio] She discovered a dragon egg near of her home and it broke few days later. A red and dark dragon was born...She cares about him and Eragon trained her, but she disapeared mysteriously and everybody thought her dead. Now, nobody know her real alliegeance.

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((If you want to be her rider, comment. Also if you would wish to change her name, and have a good reason that is also ok))

Name: Störm
True Name: I'm not going to tell you, I'm not stupid...
Rider's Name: I don't know yet, I may not get one
Rider's True Name: Aaaaagggh!!!

Age: That depends, in one way I am hundreds of years, in another, not yet born...
Height: Constantly changing
Weight: Constantly changing
Species: Dragon
Bonded or Wild: Bonded, hopefully
Side: Whatever side my rider is...
Gender: Female
Powers: Störm seems to have more control over her magic than other dragons, able to do things that dragons wouldn't normally do. She will learn to breathe fire, and will often do this accidentally. Störm is also almost invisible, and it takes a conserved effort to notice her.
Weapons: Look at me! Do I look like I need weapons?
Strengths: She is very strong and agile in the air, she doesn't give up and is very headstrong
Weaknesses: She would do anything for her rider, anything. She also would do a lot for affection and compliments

Likes: Flattery, her rider, being respected
Dislikes: Being undermined, being away from her rider
Personality: Störm is very determined to get what she wants, but also considers herself superior to most others. She will fight for the right side however, and will drop her pride to do what is right.
Bio: Her sire and mother are unknown, however, she knows that they were wild. She was given the choice of being bonded or staying wild and keeps the right to change that choice -until she is hatched.

Main Scale Colour: Störm's scales reflect the colours of the view behind her, giving her an almost invisible appearance.
Highlights: Störm has no scale highlights
Eye Colour: She has golden eyes that stand out from her transparent body.
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When you say the crown who do you mean?

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Name: Dost Duxor
Dragons name: Purpura
Dragons Appearance: Purple long and elegant with shining scales and a body made for flight
Appearance: Blond with fare skin and dark brown eyes almost black that look much older then they are
Race: Human
Skills: Aerial combat with dragon swordmanship.
Weapons: A one handed sword and a shield
Magic: Mind
Bio: Was a young boy when his parents were killed by a corrupt group of soldiers and then swore to do anything he could to fight the crown
Other: Found dragon a little after parents were killed and named her purpura for the beautiful color of her scales

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Name: Lionel Hadvarsson
Dragons Name and gender: Crimso Boy
Dragon Appearance: Deep crimson with long claws
Appearance: Short Muscly and dark haired
Race: Dwarf
Skills:  Forging, fighting 
Weapons: Double Bladed Axe and short sword
Magic: Practical
Bio: At ten i was excepted into the riders and began to learn there ways
Other: My dragon and i prefer the ground for fighting

Dragons Name
Dragon appearance 
Magic(mind or practical):
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