Let's start role playing


is lurking around with Marina in the pridelands until a pridelander finds us (I'm an outsider in this)

(this is +Maisara the Taylor vampire's profile-Just helping her)
Name: Marina
Gender: Female
What pride I belong to: Outsiders
Siblings: 0
Personality: Vain

+kylie rose ATL obsessed fan girl of bands and shows Y don't u be a Pridelander? It'll balance it out a bit cos we have 2 outsiders now (That's +Maisara the Taylor vampire and me)

Name: Talia
Gender: Female
What pride I belong to: The Outsiders
Siblings: Kovu-older brother
Personality: Vain, just like her mum: Zira-easy to be provoked
Age: 2
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